widex evoke machine learning update

Widex Enhances Evoke Hearing Aid Performance with Release of Updated Machine Learning Feature

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK — Hearing aid manufacturer, Widex, has announced the release of its second generation machine learning feature, SoundSense Learn. Users of the company’s Evoke hearing aids will be “able to optimize their personalized sound preferences 25% faster than ever before”. While learning a user’s optimal setting, it now shows users, in real-time, how…

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rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Managing Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries: Considerations for the Clinical Practice

At a recent meeting, a group of audiologists were sitting around talking about their experiences with the new rechargeable hearing aids.  A question came up about safety and handling of the hearing aids powered by rechargeable batteries.  Specifically, a question was asked about mailing aids for repair as well as packing them or accessories in…

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Eargo Unveils Eargo Neo Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Eargo, the Silicon Valley-based hearing aid maker, announced an all-new hearing device this week: Eargo Neo. The company, which last year received a $45 million dollar investment for “product innovation, market expansion and branding”, has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable, direct-to-consumer hearing devices since 2015. The Neo now represents the 3rd generation of hearing devices produced by the company.…

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widex fuel cell hearing aid evoke

A Hearing Aid Without Batteries!? Widex Unveils Fuel Cell Powered Hearing Aid

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Widex has been named a Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for its new Evoke hearing aid featuring revolutionary fuel cell technology, Widex Energy Cell. The new fuel cell technology represents an industry-first and according to the company, the new hearing aids utilize the world’s smallest…

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starkey livio fall detection thrive

Starkey Enhances Livio AI, Adds Fall Detection and Alerts, Heart Rate Measurement, and Virtual Assistant

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Starkey Hearing Technologies announced enhancements to its recently released Livio AI hearing aid. Among the announced features is the first-ever Fall Detection and Alert capability within a hearing aid. Heart Rate Measurement and a built-in Virtual Assistant were also included in the release. The new highly-anticipated…

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