oticon opn custom hearing aids

Oticon Adds Opn Custom Devices for VA, Expanding Choices for US Veterans

Oticon announced this week that its Opn Custom hearing aids are now available through the Veterans Affairs Administration, Department of Defense and other federal agencies. The company now adds five new custom styles, including the smallest hearing aid style Oticon has ever produced.  All Oticon Opn devices use BrainHearing™ technology, in addition to fast and…

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sonova phonak marvel ceva bluetooth

Sonova Licenses CEVA’s Bluetooth Technology for Latest SWORD 3.0 Wireless Hearing Aid Chip

Swiss hearing aid maker, Sonova, announced that it has licensed and deployed the CEVA RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP in the company’s latest iteration of its SWORD (Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital) hearing aid chip, dubbed SWORD™ 3.0.  The new SWORD™ 3.0 chip is the first and only hearing aid radio chip to fully support direct binaural streaming…

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oticon kaizn opn hearing aid assistant

Oticon Kaizn, Personal AI Assistant, Wins Two 2019 CES Innovation Awards

Oticon Kaizn, said to be “the world’s first personal AI assistant for your ears”, has received a 2019 CES Best of Innovation Award in the Software and Mobile Apps category, and has been named a CES Innovation Honoree in the Tech for a Better World category. According to the company announcement, the new AI-powered tool…

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widex evoke machine learning hearing aid

SoundSense Learn: Machine Learning Revisited and Initial Data Findings

by James W. Martin, Jr, AuD, and Oliver Townend Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be appearing everywhere. For example, BMW and Mercedes are pairing humans with machines to accomplish tasks in the automotive industry that in the past would have been impossible when performed by either in isolation (Daugherty, 2018). This enables flexible human-machine teams…

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earlens light driven hearing aid

Earlens Raises $87M to Support Development and Commercialization of Novel Light-Driven Hearing Aid

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — The Earlens Corporation announced last week that it has completed an $87 million preferred stock financing round led by a new investor KCK Ltd., a family investment fund. According to the company announcement, the proceeds from this latest round of financing will be allocated to continued product development and the enhanced, 2019 commercial rollout. Additional investors…

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