Earways Medical Secures New Patent for Innovative Ear Care Solutions

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May 15, 2024

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Earways Medical Ltd. has announced the approval of a new patent, marking a significant milestone. This latest patent enhances Earways Medical’s robust portfolio, bringing the total to nine patents across Europe, the United States, and China. The patents cover the innovative engineering featured in the company’s two FDA-approved medical devices: EarWay Pro, an earwax removal tool for medical professionals, and the upcoming EarWay, an earwax removal tool designed for home use.

Since its establishment in 2014 by Dr. Amir Kraitzer, Earways Medical has been dedicated to revolutionizing ear care accessibility. With a strong focus on innovation and clinical validation, the company has successfully developed efficient and user-friendly earwax removal solutions for a wide range of users, from clinicians to individuals seeking personal ear care options.

The newly approved patent in Europe (Pat. EP2861193A4) comes as Earways Medical finalizes preparations for the launch of its latest product, EarWay. This device is set to transform ear care by offering a safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution for earwax removal at home. EarWay allows hearing aid patients to manage their earwax from the comfort of their home, maintaining optimal hearing aid performance for longer periods and reducing the need for additional office visits.

“This patent covers our wide-ranging family of ear care innovations. These designs have a significant advantage over the existing over-the-counter ear wax removal drops and tools available today. It is a great achievement for the company, and we are thrilled to bring this technology to the market.”

–Dr. Amir Kraitzer, Founder of Earways Medical

Addressing the need for simplified and effective earwax removal tools, Earways Medical Advisory Board member, Dr. Alicia D. D. Spoor, Au. D., said, “As ear care specialists, we have many tools at our disposal and an interest in improved patient care. The innovative design of the EarWay Pro and EarWay is perfect for audiologists like myself, as well as otolaryngologists, primary care doctors, and individuals who want quick and effective cerumen removal in one go.”

The approval of this patent underscores Earways Medical Ltd.’s commitment to advancing ear health and hygiene with cutting-edge solutions. The company continues to lead the way in ear health innovation, with its headquarters and research & development arm located in Israel’s vibrant life sciences hub.


About Earways Medical Ltd.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Amir Kraitzer, Earways Medical Ltd. is at the vanguard of ear-care innovation, striving to significantly improve ear health for adults and children worldwide. The company develops the most efficient and user-friendly ear wax removal solutions, backed by extensive clinical validation. Located in Israel’s dynamic life sciences hub, Earways Medical is leading the way in making advanced ear care accessible to all


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