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Jun. 30, 2022

Why You Should Meet Other HoHs!

Gael Hannan
I just returned from the first live convention of the Hearing Loss Association of America since 2019, pre-pandemic days. It was just as awesome, fun, and inspiring as ever. Also hot and steamy – Tampa in June is not the coolest place on earth. But that’s a minor quibble. The following is why I believe that every person with hearing
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Jun. 20, 2022

I’m Just Going To Rest My Ears …

Gael Hannan
Both of my parents used to say I’m just going to rest my eyes for a bit. As kids, we knew that we were about to be tuned out. Nothing in the world requiring their attention at this minute was going to get it. We had to find someone else to bother, because mom and dad were closing their lids
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Jun. 07, 2022

The Hearing Loss Puzzle Pieces – That Don’t Always Fit

Gael Hannan
Today was one of those “off” days. Lots of things going wrong, nothing major, but just enough, including a hearing-related thing, to make you a bit grumpy. For days like these, I’ve developed some signposts that help me along the hearing loss journey. These sayings inspire me (when I stop and think about them) to live better with my issue.
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May. 31, 2022

Hearing Aid Batteries – They Keep Me Charged!

Gael Hannan
I am a battery-operated person, and nothing can drive me to panic faster than the realization I’m out of batteries for my hearing devices. A million years ago, I used to smoke cigarettes and I would never leave home without making sure I had enough smokes in my bag. I broke that addiction a long time ago, and now I’m
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May. 17, 2022

I Can’t Hear You – I’m Too Tired!

Gael Hannan
What’s another word for tired, pooped, exhausted, or weary? Because whatever that word is, that’s what I am today. Today I can’t hear as well as I could yesterday. I can hear the birds just fine, but understanding speech or conversations is, temporarily, a lost art. Luckily, the only one around is the Hearing Husband and he’s not interested in
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May. 10, 2022

6 Ways to Ask for What You Need (Hearing-Wise)

Gael Hannan
Fact: Our personal hearing and communication needs are not always top of mind in other people, in any given moment. Shocking, eh? Fact: Sometimes (or often), we just aren’t good at asking for what we need – at least, in a way that gets the results we want. All sorts of emotions get in the way – resentment that they
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May. 03, 2022

The Mother of All Hearing Hacks

Gael Hannan
For any any author, publication day is an exciting event. And after months or years of working on a book, it can also be nerve-wracking. This is that week for Shari Eberts and me: the launch of our new book Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss. A secret part of us wonders, although we don’t say it to each
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Apr. 26, 2022

The Embarrassment of “Talking Over” Someone

Gael Hannan
I had one of those bad hearing moments the other day, the kind you don’t hear about until later. It was a talk over thing. During the pandemic, a group of neighbours started meeting outside on Friday nights for cocktails. Our houses are in pods of three, so we call this happy hour ‘podcocks’, short for pod cocktails. We sit
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Apr. 18, 2022

Two Crazy Years of Masked Communication!

Gael Hannan
Two years ago, I wrote an article about wearing masks. It had only been a month since the panic of the pandemic set in and masks were only recommended at the time. Who knew that there were at least two years of pandemic ahead of us – and counting! The masked pandemic is also responsible for revealing a massive communication
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Apr. 12, 2022

Let’s Support Ukrainian Refugees with Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan
Bombs. Terror. Acute stress. Anger. Grief. Fleeing for your life. Added to this unimaginable horror taking place is the lack of essential supplies – including hearing aid/processor batteries and communication access for people who are deaf or need assistive technology to understand. As a person with profound hearing loss and equally profound tinnitus, I can hardly guess at what a
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