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Dec. 13, 2022

Now Hear This, Santa!

Gael Hannan
Dear Santa, Hi, it’s me again. You should remember me because you probably don’t get too many letters from Canadian HoH (hard of hearing) kids who transform into Canadian sixty-somethings who are deaf without their hearing devices. Ring a reindeer bell? Firstly, thank you very much taking my suggestion to trim your moustache a titch – the elves with hearing
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Dec. 07, 2022

The Bad Communication Hangover

Gael Hannan
If you’ve ever drunk or eaten too much or participated in an event that went from fun to unpleasant, how you feel the next day is often not good. “How did I let that happen to me?”   Hangovers are the lingering effects of any negative situation. For people with hearing loss, this can be a Bad Group Communication Event
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Nov. 30, 2022

Online Dating Questions for People with Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan
An alternate title for this article might be: If I Were Dating Again (Which I’m Not), What Questions Should a Deaf Dater Ask? In the many years I’ve been hitched to the Hearing Husband, the dating scene has changed dramatically. The term ‘online’ existed only to describe what to do with your laundry: hang them “on(the clothes)line”, although we did
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Nov. 22, 2022

A Bluffer’s Guide to Beauty Services

Gael Hannan
Today I had a long overdue manicure and pedicure. I escaped with my fingers and toes intact, but the service would have gone more smoothly if I’d followed my own rules for hearing loss self-advocacy For most people, having a manicure, haircut, barber’s shave, dye job, eyelash lift, massage or any other personal beauty service is a pleasure. People with
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Nov. 15, 2022

What’s Easy About Hearing Loss?

Gael Hannan
Living with hearing loss is a challenge, but there are a few things about it that are easy. It’s EASY to convince ourselves that we’re doing ‘fine’ with our hearing loss: We’re catching most of what’s said, The important stuff anyway. We don’t need a hearing aid or cochlear implant – Those are for other people with real problems. It’s EASY
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Nov. 07, 2022

The Hearing Husband’s Top Communication Tips

Gael Hannan
I have hearing loss. My husband does not. A more exact description of my hearing ability is that I am deaf without my devices. With my hearing aid and cochlear implant sound processor, I hear reasonably well, but often struggle to locate the sound or even what it is. The Hearing Husband can hear an animal rustling in the bushes
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Oct. 25, 2022

Flying High with Hearing Loss

Gael Hannan
Have you noticed how anxious people look in the airport? With looks ranging from mild frowns to serious panic, they navigate a busy airport full of people who look just like them. I’ve worn that look myself when traveling solo. Why is this? In an article on airport anxiety, writer Jenny Bhatia lists common sources of worry such as not
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Oct. 18, 2022

The Audiologist As Your Communication Partner

Gael Hannan
Last week I had one of my favorite speaking gigs: talking to audiologists, both those already practicing and those in training to become one. As a person with congenital hearing loss, I’ve been under the care of hearing care professionals (HCP) of all stripes for my entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever met an audiologist who wasn’t passionate about
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Oct. 09, 2022

Those Things on the Sides of Our Head

Gael Hannan
I’m an admirer of human head decorations – head bling of all types. Purple hair, funky eyeglasses and jewellery – whether attached to the head with magnets, clips or piercings. I admire both the artistry and the artistic spirit of the wearers. And I adore earrings; my earlobes are never naked! Speaking of those things on the sides of our
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Sep. 28, 2022

How I REALLY Feel (About My Hearing Devices)

Gael Hannan
I have written in glowing terms about my hearing aids and sound processors. How they lift me from a place of missed words, undecipherable sounds, and misplaced meanings. How they alert me to movement and action. How they connect me to people. I love my devices; I respect and even revere them. Except when sometimes, somehow, they go off the
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