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Sep. 03, 2014

Bilateral vestibular hypofunction: An interesting problem

Dr. Frank Musiek
Although Pathways primarily focuses on neuroaudiology and CAPD, we will occasionally have articles on closely related issues such as the one below reviewing bilateral vestibular hypofunction, which is not only a peripheral, but also a central vestibular problem. Bilateral vestibular hypofunction: An interesting problem Stephanie A. Waryasz, B.S. University of Connecticut Bilateral vestibular hypofunction (BVH) is a disorder that creates
Jul. 02, 2014

Considerations of CNS Auditory Processing in Hearing Rehabilitation for Older Adults: Addressing Their Listening Environments and Those Who Speak for Them

Dr. Frank Musiek
By Raymond H. Hull, PhD, FASHA, FAAA The Problem The role of the audiologist in providing hearing rehabilitation services to older adults with impaired hearing increases as our knowledge of hearing impairment and the needs of adults with impaired hearing likewise expands. However, the complex nature of the aging peripheral and central auditory systems and the equally complex nature of older adults
Jun. 04, 2014

Hearing Loss in Stroke

Dr. Frank Musiek
by Nehzat Koohi, University College London Stroke is the most common cause of neurological disability (MacDonald, Cockerell, Sander, & Shorvon, 2000) and about 1 in 3 stroke survivors are functionally dependent after one year (Murray and Lopez 1996). The majority of stroke survivors need rehabilitation (MacDonald et al., 2000), requiring them to be adequately informed of the nature, prognosis, and
May. 21, 2014

Book review: Auditory Event-Related Potentials to Words: Implications for Audiologists by James Jerger, Jeffery Martin and Katherine Fitzharris

Dr. Frank Musiek
Auditory Event-Related Potentials to Words: Implications for Audiologists by James Jerger, Jeffery Martin and Katherine Fitzharris of the School of Behavioral Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas represents a rather fresh approach to the interpretation of late auditory evoked potentials elicited in response to word stimuli. The authors note that they hope to motivate audiologists to consider the many possible
May. 04, 2014

In Desperation I Gave Myself Therapy

Dr. Frank Musiek
by Jack Katz, Ph.D. Since I was a child I have had a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), but we knew of no speech or reading services and CAPD was unknown.  Despite my limitations, I got into college by good fortune, in part because of affirmative action to increase the number of males in that college.  I made the cutoff
Apr. 23, 2014

2nd Global Conference on CAPD: Another Big Success

Dr. Frank Musiek
The 2nd Global conference on CAPD entitled “Clinical Populations with CAPD, What We Know and What Lies Ahead” was held at the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Meeting in Orlando on March 28-29th. Approximately 220 attended to hear some of the foremost researchers and clinicians in the world discuss CAPD and related issues. Program chair Gail Chermak and Conference co-chairs
Apr. 18, 2014

Pathways Article Updates

Dr. Frank Musiek
Traditional Pathways Articles (Short Reviews, Commentaries, Clinical and Research Updates) will be monthly starting in May 2014. Look for them the first Wednesday of every month at noon EST! Keep a look out for other postings that will occur intermittently throughout the month.
Mar. 04, 2014

The N400 Event Related Potential: An Overview

Dr. Frank Musiek
by Dara Kelly, University of Connecticut. March 14, 2014. The event related potential (ERP) N400 component was originally characterized as a reaction to an unexpected or inappropriate, but syntactically correct, word at the end of a sentence. Today, the N400 is determined by its characteristic morphology and change in amplitude relative to deviant or unexpected stimuli.
Mar. 04, 2014

Ready: Handbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Dr. Frank Musiek
The second edition of the Handbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Vol. I, Auditory Neuroscience and Diagnosis by Musiek and Chermak, and Vol. II, Intervention, by Chermak and Musiek, is available from Plural Publishing, San Diego CA.