New Website for Audiology and ENT Continuing Education

Alan Desmond
July 8, 2011

A new web based educational site is currently being developed through the American Institute of Balance Education Foundation (AIB). The URL is   According to Dr Richard Gans, founder and director of AIB: “We here at AIB also have a new global educational platform you may be interested in, The American Institute of Continuing Medical Education.   “It is perhaps the most advanced online medical education platform, and certainly the only one, where physicians can receive CME’s for studying audiology topics!”

A quick review of the web page finds an illustrious international faculty with a wide variety of audiology and ENT topic courses either ready or in development.  Course instructors are recognized experts in the areas they teach.  Courses can be viewed online, or downloaded to your Iphone or Android.

This looks like a great way to increase awareness and promote education among primary care physicians.  If you have read my previous blogs, you already know that I think the greatest problem facing patients with vestibular disorders is lack of access to a well trained, well equipped practitioner.  The vast majority of dizzy patients are seen and treated at the primary care level; so efficient, evidence based triage is crucial.  An opportunity to educate this group of physicians should not be taken lightly.  I need more time to explore the site, and I will take several of the courses myself, but I am already thinking about offering to cover the cost of the course for interested primary care docs.

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