Welcome to the Vestibular Corner…

Alan Desmond
April 6, 2011

Alan Desmond @ Dizziness Depot Blog…at Hearing Health & Technology Matters! This site is primarily devoted to issues relating to hearing loss, but let’s not forget the ears do much more than just hear.  The inner ear is critical to balance, orientation and visual clarity when you are moving. When something goes wrong with the inner ear, life (as you knew it) stops. It is well known that people with hearing loss typically wait years before seeking treatment.  Patients with inner ear (vestibular) disorders often go immediately to the emergency room or to their primary care physician. There are many causes other than inner ear disorders that can result in dizziness, but the inner ear is by far the most common.

The science of vestibular diagnosis and treatment is fairly specific and has been proven effective from both a cost and clinical point of view, but very few fully equipped balance clinics exist. Why is that? We will address this and many other related subjects in this blog.  We will have input from the best in the balance business.  Ask a question, comment on a post, agree, disagree, but we hope that you will enjoy and participate as you see fit.

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