Closed Captioning; Not just for TVs

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
August 1, 2011

What type of information do we share with our patients (or clients) about hearing in public places.  We have touched on looping, but how much “in the know” are we about Closed Captioning?  Yes, most all TVs have this option, but more theaters and play houses are offering this option for the Hard of Hearing.  This is a link for our local Cinemark theaters here in Tucson.  We also have a live theater The Arizona Theater Company that offers certain performances (in specific seats) with Closed Captioning.

It is difficult to keep up with all of the changes, and we do not update our listing as much as we should, but this is another added benefit to inform you patients with.

There are several different companies that provide the close captioning telephones, CapTel is one of the more popular ones and don’t forget for mobile phones and computers the ClearCaptions (

Now that technology is changing at such a rapid pace, there will be more things accessible for the Hard of Hearing.  But, there is a call to have more things accessible, there is a site (  called the “Darkside of Netflix”, that points out that Netflix does not always have the streaming videos with CC, and the pricing structure may promote more use of streaming.  We too can be advocates to help the call to have all forms have CC since the technology is there.  Have someone in your office call or look in the internet to have your local theaters listed and ready for those people you help.  Giving a little extra will help bring your office more referrals and more loyal customers!


  1. Although a rare watcher of TVs and screens, I do find myself reading captioning whenever it’s displayed – I find it helpful – and I don’t suffer from any significant amount of hearing loss. And yet, CC is so very monotone in nature. Voice inflections and other voice dynamics cannot be delivered. So why settle for only CC? CC plus an audio loop system invisibly delivering customized sound to your own hearing aid is the best combination of all! Whether at home or at some gathering place – audio loops are the system of choice for hearing.

    1. mjaudseo

      Yes looping does give another dimension, I agree. But there are many factors that make a business or company choose a type of technology. In a perfect world we would get both audio and visual. Anything that helps the hard of hearing deserves kudos. But CC without audio does not help those with vision problems as well. Thanks Bill!

  2. If you have a smart phone, try the Caption Fish application. It will give times, locations, and previews for movies with closed caption, rear-view captions, open captions, etc.

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