Positive Communication Can Be A Reality

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April 13, 2011

Two things happened last week that prompted me to conduct a Communication workshop for my employees. One was between two workers that were not communicating well and bad feelings were escalating, the other was reading an article (https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2011/03/label-interaction-difficult-patient.html) on Dr. Kevin Pho’s blog about looking at the situation as not about the “difficult patient” but more of the situation the patient find’s themselves in. Our outlook of being providers can help diffuse the situation and find ways to calm the patient and ourselves.

I know some pretty incredible women in a Networking group I go to every week. One owns Heartfelt Workforce.  She is the first person I called when I felt I needed help with teaching everyone in my office better ways to positively communicate with each other and with those we serve. I want a very positive atmosphere in my practices, it has to start with me as these offices are born out of my vision, but it has to radiate out of everyone who represents my vision.

The two sessions went very well and the lesson to all of us in the office is to make sure we take care of miscommunication with each other right away. Out of necessity I have grown to an office of one to two offices of seven. If we do not tend to these things right away we end up with problems bigger than what we started with. We all know this, but putting it into practice when we need to can be a challenge.

If you have had situations and unique ways on how your office resolved them, share it with us!

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