Ways to Brand Your Business With Evolving Targets

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
June 1, 2011

Ed Roach wrote 12 Steps to Building A Brand Arsenal. In his blog he gives good basic tools to help your business. From simply jazzing up your business cards to consistency across the board in the message you want to get across to your target audience.

We have several target audiences; the Silents, or as Tom Brokaw stated, The Greatest Generation, who are a bit more price driven; and the Baby Boomers, who are more value driven but want the best, not only in equipment but the service behind it. Now the GenXers are starting to come onto the radar. The Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are the caregivers to the Greatest Generation and they many times are the decision makers behind the people they care for.

When we are designing the website, our business cards, our Newspapers, radio and /or TV we need to keep all of these target audiences in mind.  Do you rotate between themes?  Do you try to have one theme to catch  all three?  I was reminded the other day by a speaker at a conference, “Your body might feel like it is 20 years younger, but you think  your age.”  So if we are going for Baby Boomers don’t try to make it so “hip” you miss your mark because experience matters and we need to acknowledge this in our marketing and branding.

Find your niche and work it across the board, but do not forget your target audience includes three generations and who are brilliant to boot!

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