What is your 60 Second Pitch?

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
August 16, 2011

An Elevator Speech (statement or pitch) is something simple that many of us do, I am sure, without knowing.  This little pitch is how you describe yourself and what you do in as little as 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  This time period is approximately the span of an elevator ride.  It can be done in several different forms, by oral speech, written or video.

Good sales people practice this to get their point across very quickly.  Meeting someone outside of your office is a great time to reel in interest in your profession.  If you are knowledgeable, excited and optimistic about your career, others will be too.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek{{1}}[[1]]  http://www.businessweek.com/careers/content/jun2007/ca20070618_134959.htm  [[1]] has a great article on this.  One of the points that stood out to me was knowing who your audience is and being ready and flexible with your Elevator Speech.  We usually have more time to figure out who is across from us with our patients in the office.  While reviewing their case history, this gives us some time for give and take banter with the patient, allowing the professional to figure out how best to help the patient if they have a hearing loss.  But, if you have just met someone and some of their questions catch you off guard, be honest and let them know you will find the answer and follow up.  You, your business and competition are ever changing, so too should your first pitch.

  1. Hello Judy,

    As every smart business owner knows, or should know, “If you’re in business – you’re in sales” no matter what the shingle over your door says. There’s so much ever-changing competition for the attention of our customers’ minds that attention spans are getting shorter. The elevator speech must be short, to the point, and offer something for the listener to remember.

    Great topic, and thank you for linking the Business Week article.

    George Mathis

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