3 Key Features of Amplivox Beep

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November 15, 2021

by Adam Dawson

Software keeps getting smarter. Simple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can do amazing things today. They can instantly play any song you could ever imagine, stream thousands of movies and tv shows, and even control household appliances. 

Innovation isn’t restricted to consumer-facing products, however. Companies like Grason-Stadler, MedRx, and now Amplivox have made it possible to conduct basic hearing screenings from a tablet through innovative software. A great example of this is AmplivoxBEEP, an all-in-one audiometry and lead generation system that allows patients to test themselves. 

AmplivoxBEEP offers cutting-edge audiometry technology, featuring noise-reducing headphones and a room monitor to ensure accurate testing. Intuitive enough to allow patients to test themselves unattended, this device is a perfect fit for locations like local pharmacies, physician offices, care homes, and schools. Best of all: No annual subscription fees!

Read on to learn three key features of AmplivoxBEEP.


Offers Both Screening and Threshold Audiometry


The AmplivoxBEEP runs on the ModelONE screening audiometer. This allows the practitioner to perform air conduction audiometry at a frequency range of .125-8kHz. It also comes with a DD65v2A audiometric headset and a patient response switch.

Upon conclusion of the test, data can be sent via secure email or directly uploaded to your EMR system at no additional costs and without the need for a separate database. The secure report provides clear information on the test results, average background noise levels, and as patient information.

Watch this video to learn more about audiometry testing with AmplivoxBEEP.


Automatic Workflows for Guided and Self Testing


Automatic test settings can be fully customized.

Customizable settings include:

  • Tested ear
  • Used frequencies
  • Starting level, level step
  • Acceptable noise level
  • Pass/refer criteria 

Automated workflows can save your practice valuable time that would be spent on tasks like manually entering data into your EMR. With an automatic workflow, the patient can test themselves and the results can be instantly sent to your EMR system, freeing your time and allowing you to focus on other priorities.


Ambient Noise Monitoring for Accurate Testing


Leveraging a built-in microphone, real-time ambient noise levels are monitored to ensure testing accuracy. This helps avoid tests being compromised by excessive background noise. This ensures conditions are ideal for hearing screening.

For more information on the AmplivoxBEEP, get in touch with your local e3 office today! They’ll be happy to provide you with more information or even schedule a demonstration.

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About the author

Adam Dawson is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at e3 Diagnostics. His interest in hearing healthcare is driven by his passion for music because he feels everyone should be able to clearly listen to Pet Sounds at least once in their life. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, digging through record stores for classic vinyl, shooting hoops, and writing stories.

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