Benefits of OtoAccess Worklist HL7

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Hearing Health & Technology Matters
August 3, 2021

by Adam Dawson

Today, it is imperative for healthcare facilities to have a comprehensive, intuitive, and secure software system for managing patient care records. Requirements, such as the recent 21st Century Cures Act mandating open notes, have made it imperative for medical practices to have a solution that makes it easier for them to share data with patients, free of charge. 

While there are many software solutions available, none are quite as comprehensive as OtoAccess® Worklist HL7. A leading hearing healthcare database integration solution, OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 provides an easy and secure way to store sensitive patient and test result information. It also integrates with your EMR system, allowing all data saved within it to automatically transfer over. 

Here are some more benefits of using OtoAccess® Worklist HL7:


Time Saving


In a busy clinic, saving a couple of minutes can make a big impact. OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 leverages HL7 messaging to automate communication between it and your EMR system. This eliminates the need to manually enter patient information into your database or export, print, or scan test results. As a result, time spent on administrative tasks is greatly reduced.

Additionally, this innovative software shows patient information directly in your worklist. Just select a patient, choose a test, and send results back to your EMR system in 5-10 minutes. With OtoAccess® Worklist HL7, a clinician seeing 12 patients daily can free up 1-2 hours per day. This saved time can be better spent providing more care and counselling for patients.  


Multi-Brand Compatibility


OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 is compatible with most major brands of hearing and balance equipment, so you don’t have to replace all your devices to use it. Simply connect your current instruments to your OtoAccess® account and start saving test data. From audiometry and tympanometry to vHIT and VNG, you can connect just about any type of audiometric or balance assessment instrument to the software. 

Once your devices are connected to OtoAccess®, they will appear within the interface. From there, you can click on the instrument to pull up more information. Before committing to OtoAccess®, however, check in with your local e3 office to make sure it is compatible with your current equipment. 

workflow without hl7

workflow with hl7

Data Security


Data protection is a major area of concern for healthcare facilities, which is why OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 makes security a top priority. It is compliant with HIPAA and FIPS. This means patient data is encrypted and securely transferred between OtoAccess® and your EMR system via a secure connection. Even in larger networks with several locations and thousands of devices, data can be safely transferred and accessed when needed. 


Intuitive UI


Software needs to be easy to use so it can be quickly learned and seamlessly leveraged in day-to-day tasks. OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 sports a user-friendly interface that can be quickly and easily mastered. Navigating the platform is simple, whether you need to access data, perform tests, or send results back to your EMR system. The entire process takes minimal time and effort, allowing you to hit the ground running. 

OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 is a great software tool you can leverage to save time and comply with regulations that require more affordable and open sharing of patient data. If you’re interested in learning more about OtoAccess® Worklist HL7, reach out to your local e3 office. 

We would love to provide more details or even schedule a demonstration of the software. Request a consultation today!  


About the author

Adam Dawson is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at e3 Diagnostics. His interest in hearing healthcare is driven by his passion for music because he feels everyone should be able to clearly listen to Pet Sounds at least once in their life. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, digging through record stores for classic vinyl, shooting hoops, and writing stories.

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