How to provide faster testing without quality fears and ensure clinical compliance

How to provide faster testing without quality fears and ensure clinical compliance
May 3, 2022

by Nils Westerlund

Audiologists work in busy, fast-paced clinics and must deliver exceptional care, accurate diagnoses, appropriate solutions, and skilled counseling every day with every patient. Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) are tasked with being efficient and compassionate, maximizing the number of patients they see per day– while still consistently providing superior care. 

Real-time quality assessment can help them accomplish this. A real-time assessment of audiometric testing helps speed up and improve the process. This allows clinicians to provide faster testing without quality fears and ensure clinical compliance in a busy environment. 

Clinicians must follow best practice protocols for each patient and make complex decisions during every step of the process. While each patient encounter typically begins with an air conduction test, the next steps in the workflow may vary based on the results of that test.  The patient may also need inter-octave testing or masking at some frequencies.

Additionally, each customer has different levels of hearing loss that need to be diagnosed and treated correctly. 

How Auditdata’s software improves clinical performance 

Auditdata Measure, a portfolio of audiological equipment run by an advanced software system, now uniquely offers nudging, which improves clinical performance and operational excellence during the testing process. These nudges are visual notifications and reminders that guide clinicians through the workflow, empowering them to provide quicker, higher-quality audiometry with complete confidence.

The software helps minimize the risk of human errors and ensures that HCPs don’t miss any steps or tests during the customer journey. 

As a result, clinicians are empowered to focus more fully on counseling the clients and providing them with exceptional, customized solutions to meet their specific needs. 

Hearing centers can spot non-compliance 

The system provides a warning if a clinician isn’t following the procedures as directed. If a clinician deviates from best practice standards, such as skipping a step in the test procedure, they will get a nudge reminder to get back on track.  

Suppose the clinician strays from the recommended testing protocol. In that case, the system will note it, and clinic owners, managers, and heads of audiology will see this in the reports prior to and during a clinical audit.

Auditing and reporting, valuable features in the Auditdata cloud, allow clinic leaders to determine whether their providers are following proper testing protocols, thus allowing them to follow up appropriately with discussions, additional training, or other actions as needed. 

Auditdata’s dashboards provide a comprehensive overview, allowing clinic owners, managers, and heads of audiology to understand what’s happening across the business. Measure offers easy-to-understand reports, such as a real-time overview of quality assessment. And it’s simple to drill down to see performance metrics for a specific clinic or provider. 

The centralized, automated auditing of all audiometry processes provides in-depth quality control. This helps ensure that management can quickly, easily, and accurately audit audiological testing across an organization. This  and allows them to identify (and fix) any noncompliance issues swiftly and effectively. 

A customizable solution 

Measure is entirely customizable, allowing centers to set clinical quality parameters based on audiological rules for AC / BC, IA, masking, etc. Not only can clinics customize the features to meet their own needs, but they can also customize Measure to meet the various needs and requirements of different countries, making it a proper global solution.  

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Auditdata helps hearing care providers improve clinical care and drive their business performance and growth. We offer data-driven, connected solutions to help you take your audiology business to the next level. 

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About the Author

Nils Westerlund is the Product Manager for Auditdata Measure. His mission is to provide state-of-the-art tools for hearing assessment that not only secure Best Practice procedures but also maximize commercial success for clinics. When he is off-duty, Nils is either up in the air flying airplanes, or on the road driving motorcycles.

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