Review of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

signia pure charge&go ix review
November 2, 2023

In October, Signia announced the launch of the company’s latest hearing aid platform: Integrated Xperience (IX).

As Signia’s newest receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, the Pure Charge&Go IX builds upon the previous AX platform with several key upgrades to deliver an impressive overall hearing experience.

Pure Charge&Go IX Hearing Aids

Right out of the box, the Pure Charge&Go IX has a very compact, lightweight behind-the-ear design. The tiny size belies the powerful technology packed inside, including Bluetooth streaming, a telecoil option, lithium-ion batteries, and Signia’s latest sound processing. Despite the small form, these hearing aids can accommodate a wide range of hearing loss levels when professionally programmed.

Like the previous AX platform, Pure IX devices use the miniReceiver 3.0 system, which fits a wide range of ears – including even the largest ears after the company released a Size 5 length receiver earlier this year.

Wearing comfort is excellent, thanks to the device’s slim profile that hugs close to your head. The receivers tuck neatly into the ear, with optional dome sizes ensuring a secure, personalized fit. Battery life is impressive, delivering up to 39 hours of use per charge, or 34 hours with 5 hours of streaming audio. 

While the design of the hearing aids themselves are little changed compared to the previous AX platform, there is a subtle difference in the manual button. The new IX design button is enlarged to make it more tactile and easier to operate manually when needed.

signia ix volume control button

The rocker switch button on the Pure Charge&Go IX has been redesigned to make it more tactile compared to the AX (shown on right)

The included charger makes powering back up a breeze.  We had absolutely no problem with battery life, despite extensive audio streaming using an iPhone.

Depending on your needs, there are different chargers to suit your lifestyle – including the Pure Dry&Clean which charges, dries and sanitizes the hearing aids

Sound and Connectivity

Controlling the hearing aids is very simple through the programmable rocker switch or Signia smartphone app. The rocker switch provides quick access to adjust volume or switch listening programs. While the app unlocks more customizable features and wireless connectivity. Streaming audio and phone calls from iOS and Android devices works flawlessly.

Audio quality is excellent, retaining Signia’s natural sound but enhanced by the new IX processing. Conversations are made clear and detailed. Signia’s “RealTime Conversation Enhancement” technology is the big upgrade, constantly analyzing the environment to identify speech sources and amplify the dominant talker over background noise. This makes following group conversations in noisy settings much easier.

According to the company, the new IX platform analyzes a vast amount of data, processing almost 200,000 data points every second. It dynamically adapts as individuals join or exit the conversation, intelligently adjusting the sound to enhance the voices of those speaking. This creates a listening experience that not only responds to the ongoing conversation but also considers the surrounding acoustic conditions. 

Signia’s upgraded Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0 also makes your voice sound more natural when speaking. Mask Mode further improves speech understanding when conversing with face masks. And the AI-powered Signia Assistant lets you make sound adjustments on-the-fly at any time, day or night.

These hearing aids also offer enhanced connectivity, with compatibility for the upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio standard and current support for Made-for-iPhone (MFi) and ASHA (Android) direct streaming. Additionally, they work with the AI-powered Signia Assistant available in the Signia App, which utilizes cloud-based live Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology trained with real-world data to adapt the hearing aids to the patient’s environment for personalized support.

Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) can also review and validate these adjustments, streamlining appointments.


Thanks to the new Integrated Xperience platform, the Pure Charge&Go hearing aids present significant enhancements in sound quality, connectivity, and battery life. They support direct streaming from both iPhone and Android devices and are also poised for future compatibility with the emerging Bluetooth LE Audio standard (including Auracast), making them particularly attractive for individuals who seek seamless connectivity.

The Signia PureCharge&Go IX, and PureCharge&Go IX T, are currently offered in 3 technology levels: 3IX, 5IX, 7IX. 

signia pure charge&go ix hearing aids

For more details visit Signia’s website to learn more. 




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