I Have Purple Hearing Aids

Jane Madell
July 10, 2012

This is not exactly a kid issue but it is an audiology issue so I have decided that I can write about it in my blog. I got new hearing aids last week. I have had a high frequency hearing loss for several years. I  have tried hearing aids in the past and,  while I got some benefit,  it was really minimal because the frequencies in which I have a significant hearing loss (3000 Hz and above) have really not been well amplified with hearing aids. My normal hearing through 2000 Hz really interfered with the benefit I could get from what was available.


What’s new in the hearing aid market?

Fortunately for me and for lots of others with hearing losses  like mine there are new things out there. Open fit, receiver in the canal aids have been around but not providing gain at 6000 and 8000 Hz where my loss is severe. Yeah for the fact that this has changed.


Ear jewelry

Since I am a kid person, and love color and earrings, I chose purple for my hearing aids. The adult audiologists I know (except for my friend  Joe Montano who set the hearing aids for me) think adults wearing colored hearing aids is a little nuts. It well may be but it works for me.


And what can I hear now?

I am happy to tell you that I am really pleased with my new hearing aids. Right after being fit, I met a friend for lunch in a very noisy coffee shop. I knew it was noisy but I really had no trouble hearing her. Last night I went to dinner in a very noisy restaurant and heard better than the people I was having dinner with.  I have had trouble  hearing my granddaughters when I was not close  to them  and,  needless to say, they are not really good at repeating. They were surprised when I told them I had hearing aids and asked why. I told them I did not want to have to ask them to repeat. It was a non-event to them. Great.


One complaint

I love to walk and listen to my iPod. With the open fit aids this is a problem. They cannot get into my ear with the iPod earbud (obviously) and if I used them in a Bluetooth mode I would still be hearing street noise. My only solution right now is to take the  hearing aids out and put the iPod  inserts in. Of course, then I miss the high frequency info from the iPod. I am working on this.


No, I am not telling you what hearing aids I have.

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