Books About Hearing Loss

Jane Madell
May 14, 2019

Today’s blog is a review of books I have received from authors, and parents about hearing loss in children. We are always looking for books to read to kids with hearing loss so that they know they are not alone. some of these might be helpful.


A Deaf Child’s Journey to Hearing

Published by CICS, UK, a charity run by parents of children with hearing loss.

The story is about a little girl and her families steps to get her identified and get an implant.


Leo Get’s Hearing Aids

Published by Phonak

Leo is a lion with a hearing loss. He couldn’t hear friends, and couldn’t hear the teacher. The teacher sent home a note telling Leo’s mom he couldn’t hear well. He goes to the ear doctor, the audiologist, gets earmolds and then hearing aids. This book would be helpful for children on the path to getting hearing aids.


Making a New Friend: Stories of Maya and Sid

Written by Akhand Dugarand illustrated by Swati Namjoshi; published by

Maya is a child with cochlear implants. She lives in India and goes to the park where she meets a boy named Sid. It is a story about how they become friends. Maya explains to Sid about hearing loss and cochlear implants and Sid explains about his

This is a lovely book that will help children and families talk about explaining hearing loss.


Lou Knows What To Do at the Supermarket

Lou Knows What To Do at the Doctors Office

Books written by Kimberly Tice and Venita Litvack and illustrated by Andre Kerry, They are published by Boys Town with the goal of helping children and families through learning.

The books teach life skills. The supermarket book talks about making a list for shopping, choosing what to buy, paying and saying thank you to the cashier. The doctors office book talks about going to the doctor when you are sick, for a checkup, the dentist and the eye doctor. No ear doctor but still useful. This series of books is helpful in talking about experiences that are coming up and what to expect. It offers lots of good new language and discussion.


Narilyu Y Rubi

Written by Yazmin Ross and Jorge Boccanera with illustrations by Ruth Angulo

The book is written in Spanish and in English. It is about a sloth and a bird who are friends and who, with the other animals, are living through an earthquake. It is a lovely story of friendship and has lots to talk about.


La Nina que Adelanto El Gran Reloj

Written by Carlos Pascual and illustrated by Jimena Estibaliz. Published by

The book, written in Spanish,  is for children 8 and over. It is a story about Isabella, daughter of the author, a child with hearing loss who uses cochlear implants, and a series of adventures of which Isabella is the hero. A very good read. The family thanks all the people who have worked with Isabella and I am honored to be one of the people listed.


Magic Ear Kids

Written by Joey Lynn Resiniti, published on Amazon

The book is a series of essays about one mom’s experience with a child with a moderate hearing loss. She talks about all the experiences. Explaining hearing loss to the pediatrician, choosing schools and watching her daughter grow and, selecting appropriate educational placement for her. She uses both spoken language and sign language at first but then spoken language. The book is a very personal story.

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