AGBell virtual conference

Jane Madell
July 14, 2020

Anyone who works with children with hearing loss should be a member of the AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This is perhaps my favorite meeting to attend.

AG Bell is a group that has as members audiologists, speech language pathologists, listening and spoken language specialists, teaches of the deaf and most important, families of children with hearing loss. When everyone is together we learn from each other.


AG Bell Virtual Conference


On July 9th and 10th the AG Bell association held its first virtual conference. Like most other groups, the in-person conference had to be canceled but AG Bell was not put off and a virtual conference was organized.

I had the honor of being invited to present two workshops. Don Goldberg and I did a workshop for listening and spoken language specialist and teachers of the deaf to discuss all that they needed to know about audiology. Obviously we over estimated what we could accomplish in an hour and a half. In addition we had some technical problems so we rerecorded the session on Sunday morning. I also had the opportunity to present a workshop on LSLS certification with Jayne Simpson Allen.

We were very excited that 99 people showed up to learn about LSLS certification.

There were for four outstanding keynote addresses by leaders in the field discussing the science that we all need to understand in order to have our children be the successes that we know they are capable of being. I learned a n enormous amount from the keynotes and from many of the other presentations.

I very strongly encourage everybody interested in children with hearing loss to go to the AG Bell website and sign up for the virtual conference. In a week or two, most of the presentations will be available to view remotely. I am encouraging parents of children with hearing loss, students in audiology, speech language pathology, and deaf education, as well as clinicians working in the field to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to learn from some of the best. You won’t be sorry.


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