New kids books with animal characters with hearing loss

Jane Madell
June 29, 2021

Tanya Saunders has written a series of books in which animal characters have a cochlear implant. The books also deal with feelings. Two books are about Ling Ling Bird who has Magic Ears. In the book Ling Ling Bird Hears with his Magic Ears the book goes through lots of animal and environmental sounds around them. It is for very young children just hearing with a cochlear implant or hearing aid.


Ling Ling Bird Seen and Heard  is for children a little bit older. The bird explains to a chickadee that they are deaf and that until they got cochlear implants they could not learn to talk. It discusses that they can’t hear without the Magic Ears. It discusses speech therapy, the Ling 6 sounds etc. I like Ling Ling.


Friends Together is about a group of young bears. One has cochlear implants, one has glasses. There is a lot of discussion about emotions. One bear is sad because they have no one to play with. There is discussion about how to get people to play with you. The book also offers alternate words for common words – happy, glad, joyous, thrilled, etc.


Books you might consider.

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