Another book for children with hearing loss

Another book for children with hearing loss
Jane Madell
August 23, 2022

Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear by Suanne Picerno is a book about an elephant who gradually loses his hearing. Actually, he loses his ear and cannot hear. He is sad he cannot hear birds, frogs etc. He then found his ear and something made a little noise beneath the ear. An itsy-bitsy spider was under the ear. The spider has come to fix his ear and sews it onto to Eddie. Then a friendly tree had a bright blue hearing aid for him. Eddie was so excited about what he could hear. With his ear no longer broken he could hear birds chirp and leaves twirling around.

The book talks to children who have progressive hearing loss, but other children will also find it interesting. The author has a progressive hearing loss and now has cochlear implants. She is a psychologist and a hearing aid dispenser.

There are some other books for children with hearing loss from the website Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss. I have not read them so I cannot give you any specific information but still are book to consider.

  • My Deaf Friend Can Do Anything You Can Do, by Tanesha Ausby
    • For children 7-10 yrs
  • Charlie & Frog, by Karen Kane
    • For kids 9-12
  • deaf not Deaf, by Christian Fusco
    • for kids 13-15
  • My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere With Me, by Kathleen Marcath
    • For kids 4-8
  • Harmony Hears a Hoot, by Fara Augustover
    • For kids 4-7
  • Left Out, by Tim Green
    • For kids 9-12

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