Drink to Your Health and Longevity if Not Your Hearing: International Coffee Day Enters its 2nd Week

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October 2, 2012

As promised last week, today’s post concludes our two-week celebration of International Coffee Week by providing an updated table linking coffee/caffeine intake to health effects.  The original table appeared in April and you can see that it’s grown quite a bit in only four months.  The fly in the ointment continues to be a glaring lack of evidence and information on the effects, if any, of coffee and its ingredients on the various sensory systems.  We just do not know how coffee affects hearing, balance, or tinnitus…. but we’d sure like to know.


Coffee and Health

One recent study summarizes the coffee health situation thus:

“…coffee contains diverse biologically active compounds that include caffeine, minerals, and phytochemicals… … coffee may provide as much as half of total antioxidant intake in many settings.”  

Table 1 shows the current tally of health effects of coffee/caffeine. If anything’s missing, please send in the information and improve this table.  Thanks.

coffee table revised part a

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  1. HOLY GROUNDS, BATWOMAN! This qualifies as more than I ever wanted to know about anything I drink…. except beer.

    1. mjaudseo

      I promise to curb the caffeine obsession, if not the intake, but your suggestion that holy sites for coffee drinking may exist is enticing. I will consult with the Vatican immediately.

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