Biotechnology Patents for Hearing and Hearing Devices

Holly Hosford-Dunn
January 8, 2013

As promised, here’s an update of interesting hearing technology patents — the list is long but it only encompasses the last two months of 2012.  I think you’ll agree, it looks like a Christmas wish list — hearing aids that tell you how your body’s doing, that find themselves, that test your hearing, that do real-ear; nanotechnology penetrating the tympanic membrane and oval window.  Wow.   Look for list updates in future months.

US Patents Issued

World Intellectual Property Organization Published Patents


 editor’s note:  The Patent Series is updated every two months.  Click links for patents approved in Jan/Feb 2014Nov/Dec 2013September/October 2013Jul/Aug 2013May/Jun 2013Mar/Apr 2013Jan/Feb 2013Nov/Dec 2012

photo courtesy of IP Law for Start-Ups

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