Best of Hearing Economics 2016, a Year of Surprises

Holly Hosford-Dunn
December 20, 2016

Wouldn’t you know it? Harvey Abram’s Waiting for the Second Shoe (of Three) to Drop from last summer was one of the most-read posts in Hearing Economics in 2016.  Click on the link to read it, now that the FDA has dropped that 3rd shoe.  As a refresher, Dr Abram’s “2nd Shoe” post laid out the territory back then as follows:


About Those Shoes


  • Shoe #1.  On June 2, the IoM Committee on Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults will release its report following four meetings over the past year that included presentations by consumers, researchers, clinicians, industry representatives and organizations representing consumers, clinicians, and the industry.

  • Shoe #2.  This report follows closely on the heels of the PCAST report which concluded that hearing aids are expensive and most folks don’t have access to them.

  • Shoe #3.  Yet to be heard from, is the FDA which held a workshop in April soliciting comments related to the “safety and effectiveness of air-conduction hearing aid devices” (read “PSAPs”).  As of writing, the FDA has not announced a release date for their workshop report.


May You be Well Shod for the Holidays and New Year

Thanks to all of our readers at HHTM and especially to those who plow through the sometimes-dense discourse at Hearing Economics.  

Please tune in in January for what we hope will be a Happy New Year for all of us who believe that Hearing Health Matters!  

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