Ear Device Patents for July 2022

Ear Device Patents for July 2022
September 6, 2022

Making It Real

Verizon’s patent #11386903 seeks to improve speech in artificial worlds, where understanding speech turns out to be just as hard as in daily life

As in the real world, certain artificial reality worlds may immerse users in complex and chaotic audio environments. For instance, an artificial reality world may include a significant number of people speaking at once, as well as various other types of noise, reverberation, and other sound propagation effects that, in combination, may make it difficult for users to distinguish and understand speech in the artificial reality world. This difficulty to understand may significantly diminish the benefits of the artificial reality experience that the users might otherwise enjoy.

Deathridge et al noted in 1954 that humans can perceive ultrasonic sounds up to 120kHz as audible in certain situations (e.g., bone conducted at the base of the cochlea). Patent #11399240 from the Regents of the University of Minnesota picks up the thread with a hearing system that:

…extracts temporal and spectral features from the audio signal and creates modulated ultrasound signals in a range of 50 kHz to 4 megahertz (MHz). The system further includes at least one ultrasonic transducer which receives the modulated signal and delivers the modulated signal to at least one medium and activates the auditory system using cerebrospinal fluids.

The July 2022 Patent List

DescriptionPatent NumberAssigneeIssued
Composition, containing sarpogrelate as active ingredient, for preventing or treating sensorineural hearing loss11376233Ajou University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (Gyeonggi-Do, KR)7/05/2022
Medical electroporation11376423Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/05/2022
Systems and methods for detecting electrode lead proximity to cochlear tissue11376431Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics7/05/2022
Relay interface for connecting an implanted medical device to an external electronics device11376442Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/05/2022
Auricular nerve stimulation to address patient disorders, and associated systems and methods11376430Nēsos Corp (Redwood City, CA)7/05/2022
System and method for populating electronic medical records with wireless earpieces11380430Bragi GmbH (Munich, DE)7/05/2022
Method and system for establishing network connection to a hearing aid11381924Widex A/S (Lynge, DK)7/05/2022
In-ear sensing systems and methods for biological signal monitoring11382561The Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate (Denver, CO)7/12/2022
Method for operating an apparatus for tinnitus characterization and corresponding apparatus11386283Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)7/12/2022
Methods and systems for speech presentation based on simulated binaural audio signals11386903Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc (Basking Ridge, NJ)7/12/2022
Binaural hearing device with monaural ambient mode11388498GN Audio A/S (Ballerup, DK)7/12/2022
Universal adjustable ear tip11388499Piercings LLC (Kansas City, MO)7/12/2022
Methods and devices for occluding an ear canal having a predetermined filter characteristic11388500Staton Techiya LLC (Delray Beach, FL)7/12/2022
In-ear device with personalized aesthetics11388502Strand Industries LLC (Los Angeles, CA)7/12/2022
Wearable earbud system11388505Assignee: Wolfe, James (Venice, CA)7/12/2022
Ear-mountable listening device with orientation discovery for rotational correction of microphone array outputs11388513Iyo Inc (Redwood City, CA)7/12/2022
Method for operating a hearing device, and hearing device11388514Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)7/12/2022
Hearing aid system comprising a hearing aid and a charging station, and method for adjusting a signal processing parameter11388527Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)7/12/2022
Method for operating a hearing instrument and hearing system containing a hearing instrument11388528Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)7/12/2022
Hearing assistance system with own voice detection11388529Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)7/12/2022
Sub-surface indicator lighting11388530Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/12/2022
Smoothing power consumption of an active medical device11388531Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/12/2022
Method and device for audio signal processing for binaural virtualization11388539Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co KG (Wedemark, DE)7/12/2022
Hearing aidD957645Shenzhen Shokz Co Ltd (Shenzhen, CN)7/12/2022
Bone fixture for a medical prosthesis11389180Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/19/2022
Noise-cancelling ear plugs11389332Make Great Sales Limited (Hong Kong, HK)7/19/2022
Method of enhancing distorted signal, a mobile communication device and a computer program product11393485MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geraete GmbH (Innsbruck, AT)7/19/2022
Ambient noise aware dynamic range control and variable latency for hearing personalization11393486Apple Inc (Cupertino, CA)7/19/2022
Contaminant-proof microphone assembly11395058Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)7/19/2022
Hearing device comprising a feedback reduction system11395074Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK)7/19/2022
Hearing device and method of updating a hearing device11395075GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)7/19/2022
Health monitoring with ear-wearable devices and accessory devices11395076Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)7/19/2022
Hearing device with vent11395077GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)7/19/2022
Listening optimization for cross-talk cancelled audio11395086Jawbone Innovations LLC (Marshall, TX)7/19/2022
EarbudD958115Aukey Technology Co Ltd (Shenzhen, CN)7/19/2022
EarbudD958116Aukey Technology Co Ltd (Shenzhen, CN)7/19/2022
Hearing aidD958372GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)7/19/2022
Estimating a direct-to-reverberant ratio of a sound signal11395090Sonova AG (Staefa, CH)7/26/2022
Detecting hidden hearing loss11395606Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary (Boston, MA)7/26/2022
ECAP recording method and cochlea implant system11395913Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK)7/26/2022
Ultrasonic hearing system and related methods11399240Regents of the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)7/26/2022
Device with decoupling element configured between respective ground planes for antenna and coil11399241Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK)7/26/2022
Granting access rights to a sub-set of the data set in a user account11399242Widex A/S (Lynge, DK)7/26/2022
Fitting devices, server devices and methods of remote configuration of a hearing device11399243GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)7/26/2022
Hearing instrument11399244Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)7/26/2022
Protective cover for a hearing aid device11399246Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK)7/26/2022

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