Ear Device Patents for March 2022

Ear Device Patents for March 2022
Holly Hosford-Dunn
May 12, 2022

Avocado oil is advocated for heart health; also for treating osteoarthritis. Now, add hearing health to the list of things for which avocado oil is a Good Thing.  Dong Kook Phar Co Ltd’s patent #11273194 claims a Pharmaceutical composition containing avocado oil fraction as active ingredient for prevention or treatment of hearing loss.

The March 2022 Patent List

DescriptionPatent NumberAssigneeIssued
Solubilized compositions for controlled proliferation of stem cells / generating inner ear hair cells using a GSK3 inhibitor: IV11260130Frequency Therapeutics Inc (Lexington, MA)3/01/2022
Utilization of an extended inter-pulse interval in a modified continuous interleaved stimulation strategy11260219Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics3/01/2022
Cochlear implant assemblies and methods of manufacturing the same11260226Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics3/01/2022
Cross-correlation threshold estimation method (XTEM)11260227Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK)3/01/2022
Local artificial intelligence assistant system with ear-wearable device11264029Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/01/2022
Audio signal processing for automatic transcription using ear-wearable device11264035Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/01/2022
Audio processing device, system, use and method in which one of a plurality of coding schemes for distributing pulses to an electrode array is selected based on characteristics of incoming sound11264964Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK)3/01/2022
In-ear headphone11265638Apple Inc (Cupertino, CA)3/01/2022
Method for earbud switching, wearable device, and storage medium11265639Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp Ltd (Dongguan, CN)3/01/2022
Hearing device including a sensor and hearing system including same11265643Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/01/2022
Hearing protection devices, speakers and noise exposure sensors therefore, and sensor housings and associated methods for the same11265644Honeywell International Inc (Charlotte, NC)3/01/2022
Pairing system and method for ear-worn devices11265656Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/01/2022
Method for enhancing the configuration of a hearing aid device of a user11265659Two PI GmbH (Vienna, AT)3/01/2022
Hearing aid comprising a record and replay function11265661Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK)3/01/2022
Hearing aid comprising a loop antenna11265662GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/01/2022
Wireless hearing device with physiologic sensors for health monitoring11265663K/S HIMPP (Lynge, DK)3/01/2022
Wireless hearing device for tracking activity and emergency events11265664K/S HIMPP (Lynge, DK)3/01/2022
Wireless hearing device interactive with medical devices11265665K/S HIMPP (Lynge, DK)3/01/2022
Coordinated tracking for binaural audio rendering11265670Apple Inc (Cupertino, CA)3/01/2022
Method for processing an audio signal in accordance with a room impulse response, signal processing unit, audio encoder, audio decoder, and binaural renderer11265672Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der angewandten Forschung eV (Munich, D)3/01/2022
ChargerD944730Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG)3/01/2022
Pair of ear budsD945404GN Audio A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/08/2022
Device for protecting the human sensory hearing system while retaining quality sound11266531EAROS Inc (New York, NY)3/08/2022
Acoustic filter with attenuation control11266532Sonova AG (Staefa, CH)3/08/2022
Occlusion device capable of occluding an ear canal11266533Staton Techiya LLC (Delray Beach, FL)3/08/2022
Hearing aid dryer and disinfection kit with UV-reflective drying tray11266757Applicant: Schumaier, Daniel R (Elizabethton, TN)3/08/2022
Feedthrough arrangement for medical device11266844Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/08/2022
Hearing device restoration device, system, and methods therefor11267023MexRx Inc (Largo, FL)3/08/2022
Binaural rendering for headphones using metadata processing11269586Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation (San Francisco, CA)3/08/2022
Intra-operative determination of vibratory coupling efficiency11272297Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/08/2022
Hearing instrument with an authentication protocol11272298GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/08/2022
Battery positioning in an external device11272299Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/08/2022
Dual power supply11272300Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/08/2022
Scalable binaural audio stream generation11272310Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation (San Francisco, CA)3/08/2022
Methods and systems for designing and applying numerically optimized binaural room impulse responses11272311Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation (San Francisco, CA)3/08/2022
Wireless earpieces for hub communications11272367bragi3/08/2022
Pair of ear budsD945404GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/08/2022
Acoustic valve and ear plug for hearing protection11273076sonova3/15/2022
Pharmaceutical composition containing avocado oil fraction as active ingredient for prevention or treatment of hearing loss11273194Dong Kook Pharm Co Ltd (Seoul, KR)3/15/2022
Inner ear drug delivery devices and methods of use11273295Spiral Therapeutics Inc (South San Francisco, CA)3/15/2022
System for voice-based alerting of person wearing an obstructive listening device11275551Dell Products LP (Round Rock, TX)3/15/2022
Prosthesis state and feedback path based parameter management11277695Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/15/2022
Automated scanning for hearing aid parameters11277696GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/15/2022
Hearing assistance system with enhanced fall detection features11277697Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/15/2022
Canal hearing devices with improved seals11277698Sonova AG (Staefa, CH)3/15/2022
Hybrid shell for hearing aid11277699Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN)3/15/2022
Angular sensing for optimizing speaker listening experience11277706Sony Corporation (Tokyo, JP)3/15/2022
Inductive link coupling based on relative angular position determination for medical implant systems11278729MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geraete GmbH (Innsbruck, AT)3/22/2022
Audio-based social media platform11283742Bragi3/22/2022
Auditory augmented reality using selective noise cancellation11284183Harman International Industries Inc (Stamford, CT)3/22/2022
Hearing instrument comprising a battery antenna11284204GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/22/2022
Bone conduction hearing device11284206Sonitus Medical (Shanghai) Co Ltd (Shanghai, CH)3/22/2022
Supplementary sound classes for adjusting a hearing device11284207Sonova AG (Staefa, CH)3/22/2022
Apparatus for secure hearing device communication and related method11284249GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/22/2022
Hearing device system, devices and method of creating a trusted bond between a hearing device and a user application11284263GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/22/2022
Devices and methods for providing card transaction feedback for hearing or visual impaired11288654Capital One Services LLC (McLean, VA)3/29/2022
Voice detection using hearable devices11290802Amazon Technologies Inc (Seattle, WA)3/29/2022
Sound control ear cup, tinnitus treatment device, and hearing protection device11290804Applicant: Beavers, David (Colton, CA)3/29/2022
Advanced artificial sound hearing training11290827Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU)3/29/2022
Hearing device with antenna functionality in supporting structure11290828GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK)3/29/2022
Hearing assistance system11290829Compal Electronics Inc (Taipei, TW)3/29/2022
Hearing device including a battery and an acoustic valve11290830Sonova AG (Staefa, CH)3/29/2022

Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, owned and operated a dispensing audiology practice in Tucson and was active in management of HearingHealthMatters.org through 2017.  She holds BA degrees in Communication Sciences, Psychology and Economics; MA in Communication Disorders; PhD in Hearing Sciences. Following post-doctoral work at Max Planck Institute (Munich, DE) and Eaton-Peabody Auditory Physiology Lab (Boston), she joined the Stanford medical school faculty as director of audiology. She has authored/edited numerous text books, chapters, journals, and articles and taught Marketing and Practice Management in a variety of academic settings. She continues to consult and write on topics related to hearing health care vis-à-vis consumer demands, professional training, technological advancement, capital investment, industry consolidation, regulatory control, product and service distribution, and strategic pricing.

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