Ear device patents for May 2023

may 2023 hearing aid patents
Holly Hosford-Dunn
July 13, 2023

Fun and Useful Things to Do with Your Earbuds

Bragi’s patent #11651238 for an Earpiece advisor offers new and improved ways to provide opportunities for contextual or potentially sponsored content in a manner helpful to users and viewed favorably by users. In case you weren’t aware that you needed such earbud help, Bragi notes that too much advertising can be distractive to users and cause them to abandon a technology platform. This may be especially true with audio technology platforms.

Also working on wearers’ awareness, IBM’s patent #11647954 for an Ear device for heat stroke detection is a wearable device in an ear of a subject for detecting at least the following bio-markers; core body temperature, sweat rate, and sodium ion concentration.


The Patent List for May 2023


Description Patent Number Assignee Issued
Predictive fall event management system and method of using same 11638563 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 5/02/2023
Headpieces and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same 11638823 Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics 5/02/2023
Instability mitigation in an active noise reduction (ANR) system having a hear-through mode 11640817 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/02/2023
Hearing device with user driven settings adjustment 11641556 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 5/02/2023
Systems and methods for detecting a scalar translocation of an electrode lead within a cochlea of a cochlear implant patient 11642525 Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics 5/09/2023
Systems and methods for gradually adjusting a control parameter associated with a cochlear implant system 11642535 Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) bionics 5/09/2023
Radio enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality with truly wireless earbuds 11644317 Google LLC (Mountain View, CA) 5/09/2023
Wearable audio system supporting enhanced hearing support 11644693 IngenioSpec, LLC (San Jose, CA) 5/09/2023
Elastomer sleeve for wireless earphone and wireless earphone 11647320 Harman International Industries Inc (Stamford, CT) 5/09/2023
Hearing aid for placement in a user’s ear canal 11647341 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/09/2023
Configuration of feedback cancelation for hearing aids 11647343 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 5/09/2023
Hearing device with end-to-end neural network 11647344 British Cayman Islands Intelligo Technology Inc (Grand Cayman, KY) 5/09/2023
Miniature hearing instrument configured for positioning at least partially in bony region of ear canal 11647345 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 5/09/2023
Hearing aid devices 11647346 Shenzhen Shokz Co Ltd (Shenzhen, CN) 5/09/2023
Method of manufacturing a faceplate for a hearing device 11647347 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 5/09/2023
Preparation device and system for in-situ customization of an earpiece 11647348 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 5/09/2023
Hearing aid battery package D985383 Energizer Brands LLC (St Louis, MO) 5/09/2023
Alertness mode initiation for non-alert detection using ear-worn electronic devices 11647925 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 5/16/2023
Hearing device with optical sensor at spout 11647950 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 5/16/2023
Ear device for heat stroke detection 11647954 International Business Machines Corporation  (Armonk, NY) 5/16/2023
Earpiece advisor 11651238 Bragi GmbH (Munich, DE) 5/16/2023
Gain adjustment in ANR system with multiple feedforward microphones 11651759 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/16/2023
Damping filter for a hearing device 11653137 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
Modular acoustic systems 11653140 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/16/2023
Helmholtz-resonator for microphone assembly 11653143 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 5/16/2023
Open audio device 11653144 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/16/2023
In-the-ear hearing aid device, a hearing aid, and an electro-acoustic transducer 11653145 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 5/16/2023
Binaural hearing system comprising bilateral compression 11653153 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
Hearing evaluation and configuration of a hearing assistance-device 11653155 Concha Inc (San Carlos, CA) 5/16/2023
Source separation in hearing devices and related methods 11653156 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
Head-wearable hearing instrument with improved co-existence of multiple communication interfaces 11653158 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
Hearing instrument comprising a battery antenna 11653159 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
Dynamic fitting for device worn on recipient’s body 11653160 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 5/16/2023
Socket connector for a hearing device 11653161 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 5/16/2023
In-ear speaker 11653170 Meta Platforms Technologies LLC (Menlo Park, CA) 5/16/2023
Earbud D986223 Google LLC (Mountain View, CA) 5/16/2023
Receiving box for hearing assistance device 11653732 Compal Electronics Inc (Taipei, TW) 5/23/2023
Cochlear implant system with improved across-electrode interference model 11654282 Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK) 5/23/2023
Hearing enhancement methods and systems 11657827 IpVenture, Inc (San Jose, CA) 5/23/2023
Voice sensing using multiple microphones 11657793 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/23/2023
Adapters for microphones and combinations thereof 11659310 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 5/23/2023
Open-ear headphone 11659313 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/23/2023
In-ear speaker hybrid audio transparency system 11659317 Apple Inc (Cupertino, CA) 5/23/2023
Wearable audio device having improved output 11659328 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 5/23/2023
Battery module and hearing device 11659339 Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG) 5/23/2023
Hearing device 11659342 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 5/23/2023
Hearing enhancement and protection device 11659343 SoundTrack Outdoors LLC (Brentwood, TN) 5/23/2023
Earbud D986858 Google LLC (Mountain View, CA) 5/23/2023
Wearable customized ear canal apparatus 11660007 Earlens Corporation (Menlo Park, CA) 5/30/2023
Personal audio device 11664041 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 5/30/2023
Hearing aid system containing at least one hearing aid instrument worn on the user’s head, and method for operating such a hearing aid system 11665486 Sivantos Pte Ltd (Singapore, SG) 5/30/2023
Quality factor in a contact hearing system 11665487 Earlens Corporation (Menlo Park, CA) 5/30/2023
Auditory device assembly 11665488 Eartex Limited (London, BG) 5/30/2023
Hearing aid with speaker unit assembly 11665489 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 5/30/2023
Auditory device cable arrangement 11665490 Helen of Troy Limited (St Michael, BB) & NantSound Inc (Park Ridge, IL) 5/30/2023
Face mask with audio device holder 11665491 Team IP Holding 5/30/2023
Acoustic sealing analysis system 11665493 Staton Techiya LLC (Delray Beach, FL) Techiya 5/30/2023



Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, owned and operated a dispensing audiology practice in Tucson and was active in management of HearingHealthMatters.org through 2017.  She holds BA degrees in Communication Sciences, Psychology and Economics; MA in Communication Disorders; PhD in Hearing Sciences. Following post-doctoral work at Max Planck Institute (Munich, DE) and Eaton-Peabody Auditory Physiology Lab (Boston), she joined the Stanford medical school faculty as director of audiology. She has authored/edited numerous text books, chapters, journals, and articles and taught Marketing and Practice Management in a variety of academic settings. She continues to consult and write on topics related to hearing health care vis-à-vis consumer demands, professional training, technological advancement, capital investment, industry consolidation, regulatory control, product and service distribution, and strategic pricing.

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