Ear device patents for October 2023

hearing aid patents
Holly Hosford-Dunn
December 7, 2023

Lookin’ Good and Driving Good

Self driving vehicles are a reality now, which has ushered in a great deal of thinking and innovation to ensure safety for those in the car and in the surround. That includes the car being able to hear in varying driving conditions.

Not surprisingly, such thinking also extends in a good way to cars driven by those with hearing difficulties, manifest in Ford’s patent #11794770, Systems and Methods for Hearing Impaired Drivers. The rationale paragraph is thoughtful and reproduced here almost in its entirety:

…hearing aids typically do not provide support for driving situations. Often, hearing-impaired situations are not permanent therefore hearing aids are unnecessary. For example, a temporary hearing loss due to recent flight, a loud environment and other situations that are not related to disabilities of a driver may arise while driving may be atypical but nonetheless of concern to drivers. Because driving environments change and drivers of vehicles also change over time, hearing-impaired conditions change and there is a need for vehicles to respond accordingly….  altering vehicle motion to enable driver attention to the driving environment may include slowing the vehicle to enable driver attention to environmental cues, slowing the vehicle to a speed requiring hazard lights, engaging hazard lights on the vehicle, connecting with a network cloud server from the vehicle using, for example, vehicle to infrastructure communication, and transmitting an indication of activation of the accessibility mode.

On the stylin’ side, Harman International–which usually keeps its innovations firmly in the driver’s seat–has a fun patent for those of us who wear earbuds, whether in the car or in other activities. It’s patent #11805356 System and Method for Customizing an Appearance of Earbuds addresses our compelling need for:

a system and method that allows a consumer to customize and personalize earbud appearance in real-time using unlimited options.

The October 2023 patent list

Description Patent Number Assignee Issued
Fall detection using photoplethysmography detectors in ear-wearable devices 11771343 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/03/2023
System for inner ear drug delivery via trans-round window membrane injection 11771876 The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) 10/03/2023
MEMS device with perimeter barometric relief pierce 11772961 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 10/03/2023
Hybrid noise suppression for communication systems 11776520 Plantronics Inc (Santa Cruz, CA) 10/03/2023
Systems and methods for generating and/or implementing a modified audiogram 11776558 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/03/2023
Direct alcohol fuel cell 11777123 Widex A/S (Lynge, DK) 10/03/2023
Operating more than one wireless communication protocol with a hearing device 11778074 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/03/2023
Electromagnetic transducer with non-axial air gap 11778385 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/03/2023
Audio data transmission method applied to switching between single-earbud mode and double-earbud mode of TWS headset and device 11778363 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, CN) 10/03/2023
Microphone assembly having a direct current bias circuit 11778390 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 10/03/2023
Hearing device cable 11778391 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/03/2023
Ear-worn electronic device configured to compensate for hunched or stooped posture 11778392 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/03/2023
Method of optimizing parameters in a hearing aid system and a hearing aid system 11778393 Widex A/S (Lynge, DK) 10/03/2023
Hearing device with an antenna 11778394 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 10/03/2023
Hearing aid battery connected to ear shell 11778395 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/03/2023
Near-field audio rendering 11778411 Magic Leap Inc (Plantation, FL) 10/03/2023
Electrically conductive eartips 11779285 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 10/10/2023
Cochlear implants, magnets for use with same and magnet retrofit methods 11779754 Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) 10/10/2023
Compositions and methods for treating non-age-associated hearing impairment in a human subject 11781145 Akouos Inc (Boston, MA)1 10/10/2023
In ear device customization using machine learning 11783475 Meta Platforms Technologies LLC (Menlo Park, CA) 10/10/2023
Sound processing with increased noise suppression 11783845 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/10/2023
Antenna and wireless earbud comprising the same 11784396 Goertek Technology Co Ltd (Qingdao, CN) 10/10/2023
Audio stream detection 11784678 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid with voice recognition 11785395 OrCam Technologies Ltd (Jerusalem, IL) 10/10/2023
Listening experiences for smart environments using hearing devices 11785396 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid comprising a physiological sensor 11785397 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid with transmission power adaptation 11785398 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/10/2023
Hearable device comprising integrated device and wireless functionality 11785399 Qualcomm (San Diego, CA) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid antenna for high-frequency data communication 11785400 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid implant recharging system 11785401 Nanoear Corporation Inc (Houston, TX) 10/10/2023
Environmental classification controlled output level in bone conduction devices 11785402 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/10/2023
Device to optically verify custom hearing aid fit and method of use 11785403 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/10/2023
Method and system of fitting a hearing device 11785404 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/10/2023
Hearing aid D1001287 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/10/2023
Autonomous diagnosis of ear diseases from biomarker data 11786148 Digital Diagnostics Inc. (Coralville, IA) 10/17/2023
Method and apparatus for testing hearing ability 11786149 Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (Tubingen, DE) 10/17/2023
Recipient-directed electrode set selection 11786724 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/17/2023
Systems and methods for optimizing spectral resolution for a hearing system 11786728 Advanced Bionics AG (Staefa, CH) 10/17/2023
MEMS assembly substrates including a bond layer 11787690 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 10/17/2023
Active noise cancellation filter adaptation with ear cavity frequency response compensation 11790882 Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co Ltd 10/17/2023
Earpiece charging case detection 11791643 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 10/17/2023
Hearing device comprising a vent and an acoustic valve 11792564 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/17/2023
Systems and methods for adaptive beamforming 11792567 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 10/17/2023
Estimating a battery life of a hearing instrument 11792576 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/17/2023
Cochlear stimulation system with an improved method for determining a temporal fine structure parameter 11792578 Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/17/2023
Hearing device system and method for processing audio signals 11792580 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/17/2023
Using Bluetooth / wireless hearing aids for personalized HRTF creation 11792581 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (Tokyo, JP) 10/17/2023
Hearing Multiple arm dipole antenna for hearing instrument 11792582 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 10/17/2023
Hearing aid with automatic antenna tuning 11792584 Oticon A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/17/2023
Alignment between charging elements of a hearing device and a charger 11792585 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 10/17/2023
Fitting agent for a hearing device and method for updating a user model 11792588 GN Hearing A/S (Ballerup, DK) 10/17/2023
Proximity-based connection for Bluetooth devices 11792868 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 10/17/2023
Personalized calibration of an in-ear device 11792579 Meta Platforms Technologies LLC (Menlo Park, CA) 10/17/2023
Ear canal microphone utilizing communications with hearing implant 11792583 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/17/2023
Retention magnet system for medical device 11792586 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/17/2023
Magnetic retention device 11792587 Cochlear Limited (Macquarie University, AU) 10/17/2023
Systems and methods for hearing impaired drivers 11794770 Ford Global Technologies LLC (Dearborn, MI) 10/24/2023
Wireless dongle for communications with wireless earpieces 11799852 Bragi GmbH (Munich, DE) 10/24/2023
In-ear earpiece retaining structure 11800273 Bose Corporation (Framingham, MA) 10/24/2023
Sliding bias and peak limiting for optical hearing devices 11800303 Earlens Corporation (Menlo Park, CA) 10/24/2023
Behind-the-ear hearing assistance device 11800304 Compal Electronics Inc (Taipei, TW) 10/24/2023
Immersive audio platform 11800313 Magic Leap Inc (Plantation, FL) 10/24/2023
Hearing device D1002850 Starkey Laboratories Inc (Eden Prairie, MN) 10/24/2023
Personal authentication device based on auditory brainstem response signal and method thereof 11800998 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR) 10/31/2023
Acoustic filter and method of manufacturing 11804205 Sonova AG (Staefa, CH) 10/31/2023
System and method for customizing an appearance of earbuds 11805356 Harman International Industries Inc (Stamford, CT) 10/31/2023
Hearing device providing virtual sound 11805364 GN Audio A/S (Ballerup, DK) 10/31/2023
Balanced armature receiver having diaphragm with elastomer surround 11805370 Knowles Electronics LLC (Itasca, IL) 10/31/2023
Systems and methods for photo-mechanical hearing transduction 11805374 Earlens Corporation (Menlo Park, CA) 10/31/2023
Hearing device comprising an automatic power switching 11805376 Oticon Medical A/S (Smorum, DK) 10/31/2023

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