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July 16, 2013







Mr Radhakant first appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005 when his ear hair, which was  13.2 CM (5.18 inches) in length at te time, was officially recognized by as the longest ear hair in the world.  It was definitely long, but wait……. in 2009,he was recognized again by Guinness for having 28 CM (11 inches) of ear hair, and it is still growing!  A grocer in India,hair3 Radhakant  says he has no intention of trimming it, “no matter what my wife says“….. While she has suffered her husband’s long ear hair for quite some time and was always asking me to cut it,  since the world record was confirmed by Guhair1inness she has allowed him to keep it as a source of pride.  This special mop is actually maintained by a specially prepared blend of herbal shampoo applied regularly to keep the ear hair in tip-top condition.

Mr Radhakant, 58, who lives in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has been growing his ear hair since age 18 and he considers it a source of luck and prosperity.  Together, his ear hair tufts measure almost 20 inches long and he no longer feels embarrassed about being stared at when he’s out in public. He said, “Before people would tease me, not maliciously, but still would ask me why my I never cut my ear hair.  Now I tell people with pride about the good fortune that my hair has brought me.” Click on the picture with the Guinness certificate for the full story.

But wait……..There is another contender, another Indian citizen, Anthony Victor, who believes that HE should hold the record for the hair2most ear hair.   Victor’s ear hair, however, does not quite measure up, beinghair only 18.1 CM (7.12 inches) long.

Its a good thing that neither man needs hearing aids as they would have to perform in a canal with lots of hair.  On the other hand, hearing instruments on either of these gentlemen would be virtually invisible and, even if noticed, would certainly not be the main topic of discussion.  From a clinical point of view, well-fit hearing instruments would probably perform fine, but cerumen removal could be a nightmare, even with the special herbal shampoo!

 How To Take Care of Ear Hair

If you do not choose to compete with Mr. Baijai and Mr. Victor for recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records, people from around the world have developed techniques to cut ear hair, which in most cultures is considered to be not in good taste or grooming. While hair5 Hearing International does not endorse any of these techniques, here are some that are used:

1. Cutting

The first approach can be to chop the hair off. This method needs to be employed with utmost caution. With a pair of scissors designed for delicate cutting, cut the hair sticking out. Be careful not to injure yourself in the process.

2. Tweezing

If you just have few stragglers, using tweezers to pull them out is easy and you will not see them again for a couple weeks. Be sure to use a quality pair of tweezers as poorly made ones will slide off hair or break it instead of pulling it out from the root. Hold the skin taut and tweeze hair out in the direction it grows.

3. Shaving Closely

After cutting your hair off, you can choose to shave it as close to the skin as possible. This facilitates clean-looking ears and puts off the hair growth for some time. Lather your ear well and carefully shave the surface. Be careful with the shaving blade. You don’t want to cut yourself in the process.

4. Laser Hair Removal

While the best place to have laser hair removal done is a Dermatologist’s office, laser removal is also done in salons by professionals who specialize in this procedure. Basically, the beam of laser light that is used tends to destroy dark hair follicles and result in hairless skin.Tthis treatment does not guarantee permanency, and you can expechair6t some finer or lighter-colored hair growth.   There are some mild side effects of laser treatments, so be aware of them before proceeding with this method.

5. Electric Razor

Most hair trimming razors can be used for ear hair removal as well. While some people resort to tweezing out the strands, they may unintentionally cause damage to the ear canal. With an affordable range of razors available in the market, you can now effectively get rid of your ear hair. Make sure you don’t hold the razor too far into or too close to the skin.

6. Depilatory Creams

People seeking the least uncomfortable method may resort to using depilatory creams. They contain chemicals that melt the hair away and retard hair growth for a considerable time.   The best way to find these creams is from a Dermatologist.  When applying cream, take care not to put it on breakouts, warts, scars, wounds or in the ear canal. Always test the product on the tender skin of your arms to see if it suits you. Any form of discomfort or irritation would signify its unsuitability. Apply a layer of this cream and leave it for the recommended amount of time. Wipe off withair4HAIR7h a warm towel to remove the cream and the hair follicles.

These are the real procedures of removing ear hair if you are going to do it the right way.


In the End

 In the end…there are always bizarre methods of doing things….check these out! If you want use the fire method as they do in Turkey, click on the picture to the left for an interesting video. Or the cigarette lighter method used in the video on the right.


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