Can Hearing Technology Decrease Risk of Falling?

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
November 3, 2020

Falls are a tremendous problem worldwide and have the potential to cause significant personal injury, physical decline, activity limitation and even death. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently found that 3 million individuals are treated in emergency departments for falls annually in the United States. Of the 3 million individuals that were treated for falls, 800,000 were hospitalized, most likely due to traumatic brain injury or hip fractures. According to the CDC, fall related injuries were also found to account for almost 30,000 fatalities in elderly individuals in the United States in the year 2016.

In this exclusive interview, HHTM Editor, Dr. Robert Traynor discusses the connection between hearing loss and falls with Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Dave Fabry. The pair also discuss fall prevention and how Starkey’s fall detection sensors work in their hearing aids and how loved ones can be alerted when a fall occurs via the company’s Thrive Care app.

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