100-year-old driver blames his hearing aid for his accident

David Kirkwood
October 26, 2011

“I can hear my wife speaking, but I can’t understand the words.” “All it does is make the background noise louder.” “It’s too big.” “It uses too many batteries.” “It makes me look old.”

All these are common complaints by consumers about their hearing aids. But a 100-year-old Swedish man came up with a new one over the weekend: He told police that a faulty hearing aid caused him to crash his car on a road in central Sweden, on October 23.

According to Eskilstuna Kuriren, a local newspaper in the area, the man slammed his vehicle into a barrier that had been erected in connection with repair work on a bridge over the motorway.

Although the barrier was destroyed and the  car was heavily damaged, the sturdy centenarian escaped unscathed.

“One of the county police on the scene of the accident told the TT news agency that the driver “failed to spot a rather large road barrier.” The man explained to the officers that a contributing factor to the accident was that the battery in his hearing aid stopped working.

There’s no word yet on whether the accident survivor will give up driving or hearing aids.


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