Edison descendant will share secrets of innovation with IHS members

David Kirkwood
June 21, 2011

BOSTON–If her great grand uncle were “only” America’s greatest inventor, there would still be plenty of interest in Sarah Miller Caldicott’s keynote address at the 2011 International Hearing Society (IHS) Convention. However, what makes Ms. Caldicott such a fitting choice to speak to the hundreds of hearing professionals who will be gathered in Boston on September 15 is that her famous forebear, who invented the electric light bulb, the phonograph, and the movie ca

Sarah Miller Caldicott

mera, was, by age 16, profoundly deaf.

Despite that, Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) essentially invented the future of his country and the rest of the  Western world. Not only did he usher in the age of electricity, recorded music, and the movies, but his more than 1000 patents also helped lay the groundwork for electric cars, mechanized voting, and the modern stock market, which adopted his stock ticker. He also was perhaps the first person to apply the principles of mass production and teamwork to the invention process, and is widely credited with creating the first industrial research laboratory.

In her own way, Edison’s great grandniece is also an innovator. A 25-year marketing veteran, Sarah Miller Caldicott has extensively researched Edison’s career and discovered how his mastery of the innovation process consistently enabled him to see new opportunities where others could not.

She applies what she has learned from her research to challenges today. The founder of The Power Patterns™ of Innovation, she wrote the book Innovate Like Edison, which has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and Fortune Small Business. She is also a compelling speaker, who has been featured on PBS, NPR, and the Fox Business Channel.

During her presentation at the opening luncheon of the convention, Caldicott will share with IHS members and guests how Edison’s timeless techniques can help them invent new paths to success.



The 60th annual meeting, which will be held September 15-17 at Boston’s Seaport Hotel, will also feature: “Seaside Seminars,” offering up to 13 hours of continuing education; the “Bright Ideas” Expo, where the latest hearing care technology, supplies, and services will be on exhibit; networking functions for dispensers, manufacturers, and suppliers; and the Awards Gala, celebrating 60 years of hearing healthcare excellence.

For further information go to www.ihsinfo.org.


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