New from the Netherlands: the MaRiC

David Kirkwood
April 15, 2011

AMSTERDAM—In case there weren’t enough acronyms in the hearing aid industry, ExSilent , a Dutch company, has introduced a new style of BTE it calls the MaRiC™. The Ytango, which made its U.S. debut last week at the American Academy of Audiology Convention in Chicago, is described as the world’s first BTE that has both the microphone and receiver in the canal (hence MaRiC.

The manufacturer, which started making hearing aids in 2005, says that the device’s unique design “achieves natural ear directivity.” By putting both the mic and the receiver in the canal, this model allows “the concha and the ear canal to retain their natural acoustic sound-enhancing properties,” ExSilent claims.

The company developed the Ytango technology in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology and the TNO, research institutes based in the Netherlands.

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