ADA urges members to come to Phoenix to help shape audiology’s future

David Kirkwood
October 23, 2012

PHOENIX—The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) will be focusing squarely on the future of its profession when it holds its 2012 Annual Convention November 8-10 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix.

The meeting’s theme is “Phoenix Rising: Taking Audiology Above and Beyond,” and ADA is urging members to attend and “become part of the movement that is shaping the future of audiology.

For ADA, steering the course of audiology is nothing new. It was created in 1977 to fight for the right of audiologists to dispense hearing aids for profit. After that battle was won, the organization of private practitioners launched the successful movement to make the AuD the entry-level degree in audiology. Until a decade or so ago, only a master’s degree was required to become an audiologist.



Greg Frazer

In the past several weeks, ADA members have pledged over $170,000 to help advance the profession. This grass-roots initiative started with a post by Greg Frazer, AuD, PhD, on the ADA Listserv. Frazer, long a prominent private practitioner in California, pledged $1000 to the ADA PAC (Political Action Committee) to help ensure that consumers have direct access to audiologic care. He also challenged an additional 99 members to step forward and match his pledge.

Frazer’s effort took off, and the organization embraced it. In a message to members, ADA’s president, Eric Hagberg, AuD, said, “In order for us to succeed as a doctoral-level profession in the future, we must be recognized by the federal government and, indeed, by all constituents as the recognized entry point for audiologic care.”

He added, “I encourage every ADA member to pledge to join the movement that is shaping the future of audiology! Together we can control our destiny.”



The convention will include a number of future-oriented programs. Among them will be the opening session on November 10, entitled “Creating Strategic Success in a Changing Health Care World: Challenges and Opportunities.” There, Ed O’Neil, MPA, PhD, will explore the drivers behind health care change, the shape it is taking today, and the likely changes over the next five years. O’Neil is director of the Center for Health Professions at the University of California at San Francisco.

Ed O’Neil

Immediately afterwards, a panel of experts will join O’Neil for a workshop on “Moving Beyond the Magic 8 Ball: Forecasting the Future of Audiology and the Hearing Industry.” The presenters will include Kim Cavitt, AuD, a private practice owner; Todd Murray, chair of the Hearing Industries Association; Victor Bray, PhD, dean of the George S. Osborne College of Audiology at Salus University; Jerry Yanz, PhD, director of audiology, at Hansaton Acoustics; and Dale Thorstad, president of Marcon Hearing Instruments.

They will offer their candid perspectives on what lies ahead for audiology and the hearing industry. This discussion will examine the landscape of audiology today and the environmental factors that are changing it. The panelists will also offer advice to audiologists how to prepare themselves for tomorrow.

To register, go to ADA’s web site or call 866/493-5544.

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