Diabetes Expo will feature free hearing screening

David Kirkwood
January 6, 2012

PORTLAND, OR—It has recently been established that hearing loss commonly accompanies diabetes. In fact, those with the disease are twice as likely to have a hearing impairment as are non-diabetics. However, information about the strong link between diabetes and hearing loss is not yet widely known to the public.

That’s why when the American Diabetes Association holds an Expo on February 11 in Portland, attendees will be invited to take free hearing test screenings. The screenings are being provided through the Diabetes Association’s partnership with Sonus hearing professionals.

As physician marketing manager at Sonus, Bob Tysoe educates doctors all over Oregon about hearing loss. So, he has seen firsthand how neglected the connection between diabetes and hearing loss is. “Only 15% of physicians test for hearing loss,” said Tysoe, who stresses the importance in treating and testing for hearing loss in diabetic patients–and other patients as well.

The Diabetes Expo will be held in the Oregon Convention Center, and the hearing screening will be offered from 9 am to 4 pm.

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