Dr. Bob Martin, a prominent columnist, joins HearingHealthMatters.org

David Kirkwood
November 28, 2012

Bob Martin

SAN DIEGO--Robert L. Martin, PhD, whose lively, down-to-earth articles have been informing, encouraging, and entertaining hearing care professionals for nearly a quarter-century, has joined HearingHealthMatters.org.

Starting today (November 28), Bob Martin will be writing a bi-weekly post on theHearing Health blog, where he will be co-editor with Judy Huch, AuD.

From 1989 through this year, Dr. Martin’s Nuts & Bolts column ran in The Hearing Journal (HJ), a hearing industry trade journal. In annual surveys, his monthly feature invariably ranked at or near the top in popularity among readers—audiologists and traditional dispensers alike. Williams & Wilkins even published a paperback collection of the Best of Nuts & Bolts, which proved highly successful.

Before helping found HearingHealthMatters.org, David Kirkwood worked closely with Dr. Martin for many years at HJ. Kirkwood said, “I am delighted that my good friend and colleague has decided to join our blog. Bob will bring to HearingHealthMatters.org all the qualities that made Nuts & Bolts so highly acclaimed.”

Kirkwood added, “Bob is able to draw upon the experience of more than 35 years in private audiology practice in the San Diego area, during which he has cared for tens of thousands of patients. But he has other strengths that are no less important. Bob has a knack for presenting ideas and information in clear, practical, and easy-to-read language. Above all, he has a passion for his profession and empathy for his fellow hearing professionals and the people they serve. His deep caring comes through in his writing and resonates with practitioners and patients alike.”

Starting with this week’s post entitled “Hearing Aids Need Love,” Dr. Martin’s first series for Hearing Health will be addressed to hard-of-hearing consumers. However, practitioners will also find what he says helpful in talking about hearing aids and related topics with their patients.

Holly Hosford-Dunn, editor-in-chief of HearingHealthMatters.org, said, “It’s great to have a ‘print pro’ like Bob join The Blogs, where his valued practical advice and insights will find a much bigger audience made up of consumers as well as hearing healthcare providers. We welcome him to our profession’s version of 21st century journalism.”

In joining HearingHealthMatters.org, Bob Martin said, “I have known David Kirkwood for many years and I watched him guide The Hearing Journal into a wonderful publication.”

He added, “My goal in working with the blog is simple. David and his colleagues want to make the life of hearing aid users better. I want to help them. If wisdom and care guide the hearing aid marketplace, then patients will reap great benefits. But if foolishness and greed guide our profession, we will go into decline and be subject to ‘attacks of stupidity’ like those that hit the banking and housing markets a few years ago.”

For more about Dr. Martin, see his profile at Hearing Health.


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