Yanz resigns from hi HealthInnovations after 26 days

David Kirkwood
February 7, 2012

PLYMOUTH, MN—After less than a month as vice-president of hearing health at hi HealthInnovations, Jerry Yanz, PhD, decided to leave that job and return to his former position as director of audiology at Hansaton Acoustics.

As was reported on this blog on January 2,  Yanz was hired by hi HealthInnovations to help introduce the company’s line of hearing products that are dispensed directly to consumers via the Internet. This distribution method, which bypasses the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist, has generated strong criticism from hearing professionals.  And, as a well-respected audiologist, Yanz’s decision to join hi HealthInnovations caused some surprise and dismay among his colleagues.

In a February 7 interview with Hearing News Watch, Yanz said he soon discovered that his new job, which he started on December 30, “was not a fit for me.” He resigned on January 24, and was welcomed back by Hansaton. Yanz declined to elaborate on his reasons for leaving hi HealthInnovations.

A graduate of Stanford University, Yanz earned master’s and doctoral degrees in hearing and speech sciences from the University of Iowa. After being on the faculty at the University of Minnesota and directing an audiology clinic in St. Paul, MN, he has spent most of his career on the manufacturing side of hearing care. He has worked for several companies in the areas of product research and development and professional education.

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