Better Hearing video from Siemens expected to reach millions in Times Square

David Kirkwood
May 6, 2013

NEW YORK—Visitors to Times Square, which New Yorkers like to call the “Crossroads of the World,” are getting a heavy dose of better hearing messages this month.

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc., which is headquartered across the Hudson River from New York in Piscataway, NJ, is celebrating May as Better Hearing and Speech month by airing a 30-second hearing loss awareness video every hour on the ABC Times Square Jumbotron above the Good Morning, America studios from May 6 through 19.

This is the fourth year Siemens has been featured on the Times Square Jumbotron for Better Hearing and Speech month.The video is reaching a large audience, as about 300,000 people pass through Times Square daily. Located in the heart of the Broadway theater neighborhood, the square is bounded by 42nd Street to the south and Broadway and Seventh Avenue to the east and west.

The video that Siemens prepared for screening on the 500-plus-square-foot Jumbotron emphasizes the beauty of sound and the importance of being able to experience all of the emotion that comes from enjoying the sound track of life. The video reminds viewers to have their hearing tested and promotes early detection and treatment of hearing loss.


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