When Viking stars score, the Hearing Foundation wins

David Kirkwood
September 8, 2013
Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

MINNEAPOLIS—If Adrian Peterson, the National Football League’s top running back, scores the 77th touchdown of his career this Sunday in the Minnesota Vikings’ opening game against the Detroit Lions, his team will make a $500 donation to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  The same is true if Minnesota’s All-Pro wide receiver Greg Jennings adds to his total of 53 touchdowns.

Throughout the 2013-2014 season, the Vikings will donate $500 to the foundation for each TD scored by Peterson or Jennings. The contributions will help the foundation give the gift of hearing to people in need around the world and in the U.S.

Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings

Both players have already contributed personally to the cause. In 2011, Peterson joined the Starkey Foundation on a mission to Uganda, while Jennings went with the foundation to Tanzania in 2012 and to New Orleans earlier this year.

The $500 per touchdown program is part of a larger cooperative venture between Starkey Hearing Technologies and its philanthropic partner Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Vikings.

Since about 20% of American teenagers have hearing loss, the foundation has created a Listen Carefully program to encourage youth to protect their hearing. It has distributed more than 16,000 Listen Carefully teaching guides to schools. These guides focus on the science of hearing and encourage students to put the lessons into practice.

Vikings fans will be encouraged to Listen Carefully through radio spots and game day program messaging at Vikings home games throughout the 2013 season.

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