Is 2016 the Year of the Hearable? Status of Apple and Samsung Gadgets

June 21, 2016

With launch details recently reported by the fashion technology website,, Apple and Samsung have plans to launch their own hearables.

Samsung recently gave us a glimpse of their latest gadget, the Gear IconX, as reported by HHTM in early May. However, we now have more details from the company about what the devices will have to offer, expected release date and pricing.


Samsung Provides Specs, Expected Release


With fitness needs in mind, the cord-free earbuds have the ability to track fitness information and provide users with feedback on their running performance. The Gear IconX has been designed with Bluetooth capability and an internal storage that can play up to 1,000 MP3s. It comes in three different sizes of ear tips and wingtips, with pricing at $199/pair.

The Gear IconX is expected to compete head-to-head with the Bragi Dash and is slated to become available anytime between July and September, 2016.

Other key features of the Gear IconX include:


samsung iconx specs

Samsung’s IconX specs. Table courtesy fashnerd


The promotional video for Samsung’s official launch of the IconX can be viewed here:


Apple Rumors Continue


The rumors about Apple removing its headphone/audio jack on the new iPhone 7, which is expected to be released this fall, continue. Several recent articles, claiming leaks from Apple, also seem to confirm that the iPhone will indeed not have a standard audio jack. Apple is rumored to be including new wireless “EarPods” for its next generation smartphone, in lieu of headphones, say insiders. The new EarPods would stream phone calls and other audio from the iPhone, and is also said to include enhanced Siri voice integration.


Image courtesy appleact

HHTM readers may recall that in March it was reported that Apple was granted U.S. Patent, No. 9,277,309, for a “detachable wireless listening device”, which indicates possible movement by Apple into the hearable space.

Although no official launch of the product has been announced, consumer electronic aficionados are eagerly waiting for more information about it.

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