Being Audiologist Less Stressful than Being Librarian, Says CareerCast

March 16, 2016

Audiology has yet again landed in the top 10 “Least Stressful” jobs for another year. Out of more than 200 jobs, puts audiology at number 8 in 2016, with a job stress score of 9.3 out of a scale of 1 to 85. Somehow, inexplicably, scoring as less stressful than librarian (whose stress score is 10.58).

While audiology no longer holds the top spot for “Least Stressful” that it did in 2011, according to CareerCast, the median salary for audiologists has increased to $73,060 in 2016.




Here’s the top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in 2016, according to CareerCast:


1) Information Security Analyst
2) Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
3) University Professor, tenured
4) Hair Stylist
5) Medical Records Technician
6) Medical Laboratory Technician
7) Jeweler
8) Audiologist
9) Dietition
10) Librarian


So which were the most stressful? Below are the top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2016, according to the company:


1) Enlisted Military Personnel
2) Firefighter
3) Airline Pilot
4) Police Office
5) Event Coordinator
6) Public Relations Executive
7) Senior Corporate Executive
8) Broadcaster
9) Newspaper Reporter
10) Taxi Driver


audiologist career cast

CareerCast, and others, have consistently ranked audiology among the top best jobs in America for years.

Not Stressful?!


There were a number of people that chimed in when audiology topped the Least Stressful list a few years ago that were more than a little shocked, with the majority disagreeing strongly that audiology was a stressless profession. One particular comment summed up much of the general sentiment at that time, which probably still holds true today, questioning the credibility of the list:


“How in the world could you people decide this was the least stressful job? Have you ever told parents that their baby will wear hearing aids the rest of their life? Or tried to convince old people who think they hear fine that they need to spend thousands on hearing aids that they don’t want? What a joke this article is.”


While many audiologists would agree that their job is certainly not stress free, especially amid recent industry disruptions and uncertainty, most would probably tell you that despite the stress being an audiologist is still an incredibly rewarding career path.


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  1. Re: Somehow, inexplicably, scoring as less stressful than librarian

    Are you someone who is familiar with the work of librarians? As a librarian (who regularly sees audiologists because I have a hearing loss), I don’t see why you find this so inexplicable.

    1. Well perhaps like audiologist, there is a lot of misconceptions on what the job truly entails.

      Thanks for your comments, maybe you could help enlighten our readers on some of the stresses you see in your job.

  2. There is no doubt that audiologists in the dispensing profession have much less stress than Hearing Aid dispensers. That is because Au.D’s get a paycheck regardless of performance. Dispensers have to survive on commissions, and the continuous threat of returns, which is almost like blackmail !

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