REVEALED: Samsung PSAP ‘Earcle’ User’s Manual, Images, and Other Documents Surface

February 11, 2016

SEOUL , SOUTH KOREA — A new report out yesterday has added further confirmation regarding months of rumors surrounding Samsung’s possible launch into the hearing aid industry. In a report by Gina Smith at aNewDomain, she discusses what was found within newly-obtained FCC documents, which were filed by Samsung in October and December 2015.

According to Smith, there are two distinct filings made by the company, one for a PSAP device dubbed “Earcle” and the other for a traditional hearing aid (labeled as “Bluetooth Low Energy Hearing Aid“).


Earcle: Labeled as PSAP Device


While some may call it a hearable or even a hearing aid, the Earcle according to Samsung is technically a PSAP device.

Observing the images of the device included within the FCC filings, it looks an awful lot like a traditional Receiver-In-the-Canal style hearing aid with a 312 battery.


samsung hearing aid earcle



Within the first pages of the User’s Manual, the Earcle device is clearly stated to be a PSAP device and “not to be used to compensate for hearing impairments”.


earcle psap

Screenshot from Page 3 of the Earcle draft User’s Manual.


Details of the Earcle’s functionality are revealed within the pages of the User’s Manual, which indicates, similar to traditional hearing aids, that the device will have the option of programs or ‘modes’ of listening (intended for restaurants, meetings, etc), as well as 5 preset volume levels. The device appears to be controlled manually or through a smartphone App.



Beyond PSAP, Company Also Pursuing Traditional Hearing Aid


While they may be new to the hearing aid industry, Samsung is no stranger to hearing research and technology. As documented over the past few years by Holly Hosford-Dunn at Hearing Economics, Samsung has filed a number of hearing aid-related technology patents since at least 2011.

Based on the FCC filing documents, it appears that the Earcle device will be the company’s non-prescription PSAP, but not the only hearing device the company seeks to pursue. In addition, Samsung is also pursuing a traditional hearing aid as well, evidenced by the test report submitted for a Bluetooth Low Energy Hearing Aid.



**Please stay tuned, as more details are emerging on this developing story!

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