ADA Sponsors Audiology Academy Training Program for Audiology Assistants

ada audiology assistant program
June 1, 2017

MILL CREEK, WASHINGTON — The Audiology Academy, an online training site for Audiology Assistants, announced today a partnership with the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) to promote the Audiology Assistant Training Program, which was developed to provide the industry another tool to train for the increasing role of Audiology Assistants and Technicians in Audiology and ENT settings.

The company offers both a 10 and 15-module option for its Audiology Assistant training program, as well as individual course options, such as Hearing Aids 101, Infection Control, and Hearing Aid Delivery.


“We are excited that an organization like ADA has taken steps to help promote the role of Audiology Assistants in Audiology. The ADA organization has been a standard bearer for this important role, creating a membership program and conference topics for assistants and now, standing behind Audiology Academy’s online training program. We are pleased to partner with ADA to offer a discount to their members for the Audiology Academy online program. This will help promote the use of and training for new Audiology Assistants in the industry.”

— Joe Furness, President, The Kingham Collective


“We recognize the important role that audiology assistants play, and we want to make sure that our members have access to training resources to help their employees and practices thrive,” said Stephanie Czuhajewski, ADA Executive Director.

New and past customers can visit the online training site, Audiology Academy, and create an account and begin the training process.

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