Hearing Tracker Acquires Hearing Aid Forums

September 8, 2017

During the last week of August, Hearing Tracker, a leading resource for consumer information about hearing technology and related services, announced the acquisition of Hearing Aid Forums.  With over 190,000 posts and 10,000 registered users, Hearing Aid Forums is one of the largest consumer-oriented websites in the world. The new forum with several new technical updates and features can be accessed here. The transaction represents the consolidation of the two largest consumer resource sites on the web.

Hearing Aid Forums was started in 2006 by a hearing care professional in Hawaii. The objective of the site was to provide hearing aid shoppers as well as other consumers with educational information and resources on a variety of subjects pertaining to hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing loss. According to a post by previous Hearing Aid Forum ownership, announcing the acquisition, the owners over the years have received multiple offers from manufacturers to purchase the forum. However because they wanted the forum to remain independent, those offers were refused.


Expanding Reach to Consumers


abram bailey

Abram Bailey

The new Hearing Aid Forums is now hosted by Hearing Tracker, a privately-held company that is not owned in whole or in part by any hearing aid or PSAP manufacturer, and will now oversee the operation of it. According to Hearing Tracker founder and CEO, Abram Bailey, the acquisition of Hearing Aid Forum represents a major milestone for the Austin-based company.


“Over the past four years, our traffic has grown to over 60,000 monthly visitors. The addition of the forum should double that traffic in an extremely short time frame, and allow us to reach more hearing aid consumers than ever before. We will continue educating consumers on the gold standard of best practice care while helping to guide them to a successful and affordable outcome.”

–Abram Bailey, AuD, Hearing Tracker CEO


Since its inception, Hearing Tracker has become a successful platform for consumers interested in purchasing hearing aids. In addition to the newly acquired forum, Hearing Tracker offers a range of consumer information including reviews of traditional hearing aids, over-the-counter hearing aids, PSAPs, as well as information about hearing care providers and a blog.

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