Clear Digital Media Takes Vlogging Mainstream

February 12, 2018

Vlogging, a portmanteau combining video and blogging, seems to be the favored pastime for many people these days. The most popular vloggers have well over 25 million subscribers to their sites. According to a 2015 report from Global Web Index (GWI), 42% of internet users say they have watched a vlog within the last month. Although individuals under the age of 35 still comprise the bulk of these viewers, a growing number of Americans over the age of 40 are now going to YouTube to view their favorite vlogs.

Yes, most vlog content still has very little educational value; content often ranges from the inane to the insane – readers can discover those examples on their own. But, that appears to be changing, too. There are a growing number of vloggers who create relevant content for business owners, healthcare professionals and consumers. As educational vlogging goes mainstream, audiology is jumping into the mix.

Clear Digital Media a marketing firm within the hearing healthcare industry is one such example. Michele Ahlman, CEO of Clear Digital Media, a Chicago-based firm, recently launched their own vlogging channel on YouTube. To date, Ahlman has created more than a dozen vlogs on a range of topics related to digital marketing strategies for hearing healthcare professionals. Although educational vlogging with the industry is not new, the Clear Digital Media vlog with its short video vignettes, practical tips and specific calls to action, represents an evolution of the practice.


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