New Marketing Strategy Brings Web and TV Together

October 20, 2018

Clear Digital Media, a digital marketing company with offices in Texas and Illinois, announced on October 19, that it is combining forces with Hearing Tracker with a new marketing tool that brings patient review data to their Hearing News Network television screening across the US.  

Hearing Tracker is an independent consumer review platform for hearing aids, hearing providers, and hearing centers. This collaboration unifies web reviews, a critical component to many hearing professional’s marketing strategy, and TV to help build a formidable online presence as well as an educational tool for waiting rooms and reception areas in practices.

According to a recent press release from Clear Digital Media, the patient review software solution delivers more new patients to medical practices, and then engages these new patients by educating, inspiring and motivating them to move forward with their care, according Clear Digital Media’s president, Michele Ahlman.

Abram Bailey, CEO of also weighed in,

“The result is increased leads, increased revenue and increased patient lifetime value. The Hearing Tracker website was built with API integration in mind, so it was a pleasure working with Hearing News Network to bring provider reviews directly to their TV in the waiting room. We encourage all hearing care providers to build out their profiles on and encourage reviews to take advantage of this important integration”

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