Nuheara Showcasing $200 Noise-Cancelling Earbuds at CES

nuheara liveiq wireless earbuds
January 9, 2018

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Several emerging companies are poised to take-on Apple for market share for their popular wireless AirPods. Australian upstart, Nuheara, makers of their own wireless earbud is set to battle Apple for this business.

According to TechCrunch, Nuheara will be showcasing their IQBuds at the 2018 CES show, where they expect to leverage their active noise canceling to attract consumers away from AirPods. With Doppler Labs shutting down last year, the company is now one of the larger companies left in the smart wireless earbud space.

At CES, Nuheara is filling out their line of products with an entry-level sub-$200 product called LiveIQ which should allow them to better approach the market that Apple has opened up with AirPods while offering the promise of active noise canceling as an added evolution.


Nuheara Expands Wireless Earbud Offerings


The company is also teasing IQBuds Boost, a new high-end model that brings improved audio with more present bass to the company’s signature line. No details on pricing for the high-end model yet, but the regular IQBuds retail for $299. IQBuds Boost are expected to launch in April of this year while Nuheara is aiming to ship the LiveIQ buds before summer.


As the company builds out a more extensive product line to approach consumers at different price points, they’re also looking to software upgrades to give consumers an easy way to get started utilizing the smart features on the IQBuds Boost earbuds. The new Ear ID technology that the company is introducing will automatically calibrate the earbuds to the unique sound profile of the user’s hearing.


Like with other smart hearing products, these types of wireless headphones are generally designed for a very specific type of consumer. Additionally, Nuheara is said to be looking closely at consumers who want to correct their hearing.

The company plans to launch the new IQBoost in April and hopes to deliver the new LiveIQ buds to customers before summer.



Source: TechCrunch, Nuheara

  1. I have had IQ buds from the beginning. can’t believe how good they are considering how cheap they are.
    They are as good as $8000 hearing aids which i have not used since wearing IQ buds, I can also use them to answer the phone and talk thru them they cancel out noise in restaurants planes but I can hear people talking to me could not do that before.
    They are great to listen to Itunes music and many functions can be activeated using different taps [eg siri], now i find i can use them with TV using bluetooth, wow what an invention

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