Oticon Wins permanent Injunction Against Online Hearing Aid Retailer

October 16, 2018

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — In an announcement to its customers yesterday, Oticon Inc. announced that it has won a lawsuit that the company had brought against the online hearing aid retailer BuyHear.com.

According to the message obtained by Hearing News Watch, Hearsite (the owner and operator of BuyHear) has agreed to a Consent Judgement and Permanent Injunction that prohibits the company from offering for sale, selling or servicing Oticon products, or from assisting any third party to sell Oticon products over the Internet and/or without face-to-face consultations.

In the message, Oticon Inc. CEO Gary Rosenblum states that his organization actively monitors such activity and seeks to take the necessary steps to prevent distributors that violate the company’s guidelines.


Click the image below to review the announcement letter sent to Oticon customers this week:


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  1. What a sad day for America. BuyHear offered quality hearing aids at prices you could afford – with excellent support – because they operated efficiently with the internet. I saved OVER $1500 on my hearing aids by buying thru BuyHear.

    1. Sarah…i too purchased from BuyHear at a discounted price. However, I had a problem with my hearing aids and contacted Oticon. I found that my aids had been registered in another name and sold to me second hand. BuyHear purported to be selling new aids.

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