RemotEAR Announces Partnership and Integration with Resonance Products

April 13, 2018

LEDERACH, PENNSYLVANIA — RemotEAR, a tele-audiology company, announced a partnership this week with hearing equipment manufacturer, Resonance. RemotEAR’s Deviceware® tele-audiology service is now fully compatible with Resonance’s portable line of equipment.

The companies worked together to create a module that enables the Resonance devices to be used with RemotEAR’s Deviceware tele-audiology service, which enables hearing care professionals to expand their practice offerings to include remote diagnostic services.


“We have been working with the Resonance team for quite a while now to develop and test the integration of their line of screening products with our tele-audiology service. I’m pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a turn-key solution to our customers, ranging from audiometry, to immitance, and OAE utilizing Resonance’s platform of highly portable and cost-effective devices.” –Dave Davis, founder and Managing Partner of RemotEAR


The Resonance screening range of devices include the following:

  • R17A Audiometer
  • R16M Middle Ear Analyzer
  • R15C Combined Audiometer/Tymp
  • R14O Otoacoustic Emissions



Source: RemotEAR

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