Sonion and Valencell Partnership Places Big Bet on Growing Biometric Hearable Market

June 10, 2018

A May 9 Hearing News Watch article focused on the  rapid advancements in the biometric function of ear-level devices, known as hearables. Progress continued with the June 6th announcement that Sonion, a Denmark-based leader in micro acoustic and micro mechanical technologies in hearing devices, and Valencell, a leading innovator in wearable biometric sensor technology will partner on the development of biometric products worn in the ear.

According to a Valencell press release, the partnership focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing biometric sensing ear modules for the medical, hearing health, consumer and professional communications markets.


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Sonion’s manufacturing expertise in miniaturized components for ear-level devices is expected to result in significant reductions to the size, cost and power consumption of photoplethysmography (PPG)-based sensors for continuous heart rate, blood pressure, and other medical monitoring and fitness/wellness related functionalities into hearables, hearing aids and other ear-level devices.

Under the partnership, Sonion will introduce a wide range of sensor modules for different applications in the ear and Valencell will continue to further develop its innovative portfolio of advanced, biometric sensor capabilities for all form factors. Sonion will also integrate its balanced armature speakers among other components as part of the sensor modules.


“Sonion brings world-class expertise and capabilities in hearing health component development, manufacturing, and distribution. As demonstrated by Valencell’s foundational patents in biometric hearables, since founding we have envisioned a world where traditional ear-worn devices can be used to improve public health. Valencell and Sonion share a strong vision and operating model for making major advancements in hearing health and hearable devices. We are excited about the great things to come.”

–Michael Dering, CEO of Valencell


As part of the partnership, it was disclosed that Sonion made a strategic investment of an undisclosed amount in Valencell, making Sonion a significant shareholder in Valencell Inc.


Source: Valencell, Sonion


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