Hearing Tracker Launches Local Online Service to Connect Consumers to Affordable Hearing Aids in their Area

March 6, 2019

Hearing Tracker has announced the launch of the first “hyper-local online service to connect hearing aid shoppers with affordable local hearing aid fittings”. The service is now available throughout the United States.

According to the company, the new service will allow audiologists and hearing aid dispensers to offer discounted hearing aid bundles directly to consumers in their neighborhoods. The offers are said to be standardized to allow consumers the ability to easily see and understand the included services, product warranties and pricing.

“One of the biggest challenges facing people with hearing loss is insufficient information about local products, services, and pricing. Consumers want to know what products and services they are paying for, and how much it’s going to cost—and up until now, this information has not been readily available.”
–Abram Bailey, AuD, Founder, Hearing Tracker


Offering Benefits to Consumers and Providers


According to the company, more than 200,000 people visit HearingTracker.com every month, searching for information on hearing aids and local hearing healthcare services. The site maintains a continually updated database of hearing aids, with feature descriptions and cross-model comparisons. Additionally, the site also has a directory of thousands of hearing care providers, including details about services, qualifications, and even the types of hearing aids they fit.

And now, by visiting Local Hearing Aid Deals, visitors will see offers from hearing care practices within a few miles of their homes. Hearing Tracker founder, Dr. Abram Bailey, compares the new service to online car shopping comparison sites that have helped make car buying more transparent for consumers. He says the new service will offer consumers an easier way to make an informed decision about purchasing hearing aids. 

“Consumers will benefit from the increased price transparency, and retailers will capture more of the online shoppers that have increasingly been siphoned off by third-party discounters,” said Dr. Bailey, who emphasized that the new Local Hearing Aid Deals platform is designed to eliminate the expensive middle-man in the transaction. “In bypassing online discounters, local clinics can afford to offer deeper discounts and still make a profitable sale.”

In bypassing online discounters, local clinics can afford to offer deeper discounts and still make a profitable sale.

–Abram Bailey, AuD


Starting from Ground Zero


For consumers starting from ground zero, Hearing Tracker recommends its new Personalized Hearing Aid Match tool. After taking a 3-minute survey, consumers receive a list of hearing aids that are likely to alleviate their hearing problems and meet their wireless streaming and device preferences.

The tool helps to educate consumers by explaining how each hearing aid feature may benefit them, and links consumers to local deals for the product matches.

“For the first time, consumers frustrated by their hearing loss have all the information they need at their fingertips, when and where they need it most,” Dr. Bailey said. “And now Hearing Tracker gives them easy, immediate access to qualified local professionals who can get them on the road to better hearing right away. Consumers can even narrow their search to include only hearing aids fitted by a Doctor of Audiology using Real-Ear Measurements, a gold-standard objective measurement used to ensure maximum benefit.”


About Hearing Tracker

HearingTracker.com is the leading independent resource for informed hearing aid consumers. The website provides the world’s largest database of customer-reviewed hearing products and hearing care providers. Hearing Tracker also hosts the world’s most active hearing aid forum and publishes a regular stream of news related to hearing aids, hearing technology, and the hearing industry.


Source: Hearing Tracker

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